Waring MX1200XTP

Aug 3, 2011
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Pros:Fast, durable, powerful.

Cons:Expensive, large, odd container shape, no paddle

The Bottom Line: Very tough and powerful. Consider saving $160 for the one speed model.  A model with a paddle might be a better option for thicker blends.

The blender looks & feels very well built. The container has to be seen in person to understand how solid it really is. I never would have thought I would say this about plastic, but I like this plastic better than glass. My son said the same thing.

This small size container is plenty large enough to make a smoothie for 3. If you need more than that frequently, then you may want to get the larger one. However, it blends so fast, making a second batch is really not an issue. Oh yea, as for the height, it barely fits under my cabinets.

As for the base, it is quite a beast. It looks mostly like you imagine from the pictures, but it is bigger than you think. It is not huge, but it is definitely much bigger than a standard blender. It looks industrial, but it is not pretty, unless you happen to find something of obvious quality and sturdiness attractive (i do).

There are a lot of warnings about how loud it is. This is actually not quite accurate. The blender is much more quiet than my $50 dollar, 10yo Oster blender. It is not really noisy unless you are grinding up things that are frozen, etc. But yea, if you are grinding up ice, or frozen fruit, it sounds like you are grinding up gravel until it becomes smooth. So just from a week of use, and my observations of the quality of the machine I would rate it 5 stars.

There are two reasons that I would give the overall rating 4 stars. One is that I kind of wish I would have gotten the Vitamix because they provide a paddle. The Waring videos seem to imply that the blender is so powerful that you don't need one, but this is incorrect. If you want something that is too thick to pour (sorbet like, etc.), then you will need to stop and mix manually. This machine with a paddle would be 5 stars.

In addition, I am not thrilled with the 4-leaf clover design. It makes the above problems worse IMO. This is just my guess because I don't have another to actually compare, but I think a round one would blend thicker things better. For things you plan to blend to a consistencey you can pour, it probably works better though. So if my assumptions are correct, I guess it is simply a trade-off. It just depends on how you are going to use it. I like my smoothies thick, so a paddle and a round container would have made this an A product. As it is, I would easily give 4/5 stars for this machine.

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