Aug 7, 2011
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Pros:EXCEPTIONALLY clean clothes, towels dry in HALF the time!

Cons:Need to readjust when using BULKY setting, but no more BANGING washer!

The Bottom Line: BUY this washer then TRUST this new technology; best investment I've made in 20 years for a reasonable climbing in cost; VERY clean clothes!!!

This is the absolute BEST washer I've ever used or owned.  If you want the space savings of a top loader (vs a front loader), plus the cleanest clothes ever, AND without spending thousands for the new/better washing machine technology, buy the LG model #WT5001CW washer.

Don't think that the much lower volume of water used compromises clean clothes -- it absolutely does not!

And don't think the lack of a center, churning device - which absolutely gives you a TON a room inside - compromises clean clothes -- just the opposite!  (but don't fill this baby to the top - give it some room to work!)

You need to allow yourself to think differently and let the washer prove to you how clean your clothes will be.  The water is sucked and pushed *through* the clothes, a much different, but MUCH more EFFECTIVE way to wash!

I'm currently 54 and have had my share of washing machines.  I give this 5 out of 5 stars on all counts!  I've used the machine almost DAILY for 6 weeks straight and it's one of the best investments I've EVER made.

It's quiet, does a simply wonderful job of cleaning, does an even better job (on the highest spin cycle) of getting all the water out, especially towels.  Can you imagine a full load of towels only taking 25 minutes to dry?!?

Use the PERM PRESS/CASUAL cycle for your permanent press -- use the SPORTS WEAR cycle specifically (and only) for your gym/workout clothes, and you'll not have an issue with wrinkling.

I simply cannot say enough good things about this washing machine.

Leave that lid open when done and you'll not have a problem with mold - and by all means read the instructions.  The laminated "cheat sheet" is rather useless -- but PAGE 15 demonstrates the CYCLE GUIDE and you're easily off to the races!

Don't be intimidated by the buttons; it's quite easy to use and allows many extras such a additional rinse cycles (yes, it puts the fabric softener in at the LAST rinse, thank you!), a "rinse and spin" only cycle (nice addition) and a SOAK cycle that then automatically goes into whatever wash option you've chosen - how great is that?!

Plus, it makes some nice "happy sounds" when you hit the POWER button (there's "power" and then "start" buttons -- the "start" button also works to pause and unlock the see-through glass top so you can add to the load, etc.).  And plays little song when your load is done - 
PLUS, it digitally displays how long the load will take (including any extras you've chosen such as 'soak' or 'extra rinse') -- THEN that same counter stays "on" and counts DOWN so you know how much longer until each load is complete.

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