My Top Twenty Favorite Android Apps!

Feb 19, 2012

The Bottom Line Got an Android Phone?   Don't forget to load it with Apps!

This is a list of Twenty of my favorite Android Apps!

The most popular selling phones today run the Android operating system.  Android apps are becoming as popular as Apple apps for the iPhone.  My son and I both recently purchased Android smart phones, I got the Samsung Sidekick 4G and he got the Samsung MyTouch.  Everyone knows the first thing you do with a new Smart phone is download Apps!

Whatever you like, they've got an app for that!

These are Twenty of my favorite Android Applications and quite a few more.  Except for Netflix which requires you have a subscription, these Android apps are all FREE!


If you love movies, here are a few of my favorite movie applications all available on the Android market.

1. Netflix  This requires that you have a Netflix streaming account (7.99 a month) but it allows you to watch ALL Netflix TV and movie streaming content right on your phone.  Watch an episode of Peep Show or Dr. Who or sit back for a blockbuster movie.

2. . Flixster - If you want to go to the movies, check out Flixster for show times near you.

A couple other great movie apps to  use

Redbox You prefer to pick out a movie at your local Redbox? Use this app to see the closest Redbox and what movies are available.

IMDB - For all you movie nerds, the ultimate movie data base. This lists all the movies with the actors, director, cinematographer, etc. Includes reviews and comment boards.


Just want to listen to the radio?  Plenty of Radio apps for your Android phone.

3. Pandora - You love celtic metal like Eluvietie, but have no idea what other bands to listen to? Enter a band into Pandora and it will play that artist as well as many other similar artists.  I love Bossa Nova and Samba, and by entering Bebel Gilberto, I have discovered several other great Brazilian singers.  Pandora is very customizable and you can set it to listen to whatever genre or artist that you want.

You may also enjoy

TuneIn Radio  This has all your local radio stations, state by state radio stations, global radio stations, talk radio, news radio, if the radio station has a net version its here.  Look by country or category.  This morning I listened to Musica Popular Brazilia on a local Brazilian radio station.  Tonight, maybe I'll listen to the B.B.C.

Sky.FM  Just want to listen to your favorite kind of music? Sky FM has channels for hard rock, heavy metal, lots of jazz stations, blues, ska, new age, classical,  oldies, eighties, reggae, piano, jpop and more. Sky.Fm lets you listen to over 40 custom music genre radio stations.

BBC Radio All the radio stations in England operated by the BBC are online and ready for you to listen to.


4. Astrid Tasks - an easy to use To Do list to keep track of all your tasks.

5. AVG AntiVirus Keeps your phone safe from malicious applications, malware and spyware.

6. Juice Defender - A simple app to keep your phones battery life longer.


8. Facebook - THe Android Facebook app makes it easier to read your favorite place to catch up with your Facebook friends.

Yes, Android has a Twitter app too, but I don't tweet.


Your phone can keep you informed!

9. BBC News  My favorite news app is for my favorite news source, the British Broadcasting Company. Unlike certain faux news channels in the US, the news from the BBC is unbiased, in depth and world wide. Scroll through news of the US, Europe, the UK, Asia, Africa and and South America.   They also have news on Technology, Entertainment and Science.

Some other news apps to try out

New York Times
  Well, I do like some US news so why not the NY Times? Regular updates keep you informed on news of the country and world.

The Economist  For news that affects the world economy, deep insightful articles.

WHDH - Since I live in Boston and not New York or London, I need a bit of local news as well. WHDH Channel 7 gives me my local New England News!


Want to know what your representatives are up to? Check out this app

10. Congress  Lets you see how every congressman and senator has voted on bills, and what bills are up for votes. Want to know a policitians real record? Look it up for yourself on this comprehensive app.


11. Kindle  I love my Kindle, but if I forget it, my Kindle library is also available on my phone. You don't have to store your library here, just access whatever you are reading now. It syncs with your other Kindle apps, so you don't re read a chapter.

Health & Nutrition

12. Fooducate   Its a bar scanner! Open this app at the grocery store, scan the bar code of that food you are going to get and see how it rates. Is it full of saturated fats and sodium? Fooducate gives all your food a grade and why its good for you or bad for you.

13. Move Bike  Get on  your bike and ride! This app will keep track of your course and let you know your average speed and the number of miles that you rode!

Science Apps

I love Science,  a couple science apps that I like

14. Google Night Sky Look up, is that Jupiter, Venus or a star?  Point your phone up with this app, and it labels all the constellations, planets and stars. How cool is that?

15. StarTalk Radio Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson has his own radio show, Star Talk and you can download this app to listen to any of his shows.

Personal Assistants

Sure you can talk to your phone, but don't you want it to talk back? iPhones have Siri, Android has a few pesonal assistants of their own. My favorite is

16. SpeaktoIt  I can talk to Rose, the British woman who resides in my phone to make calls, ask the weather, check my messages, check my calendar, create a to do list or open apps.  She talks to me in a sweet British accent.   You can create and name your own male or female assistant avatar and give them a UK or US accent.

You may also like

Skyvi    She doesn't do as much as speaktoit, but Skyvi talks a lot more and has some background in pop culture. I asked her to open the pod bay doors and she said "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that right now". She can make phone calls and answer questions.


Well we always want to know the weather, it is the most talked about subject.

17. Fancy Widgets  I like this weather app because it can sit on my phone screen and provide me at a glance the days weather as well as the next couple days weather for where I am. (Your smart phone knows where you are thanks to built in GPS)

You may also like

Weatherbug - This will give you the days weather for your area or whereever else you want as well as extended forecasts. It will also warn you of storms.


You can even find apps to relax and rejuvinate for your android phone

18. iZen Lite   An app that plays calming music that you could use to medidate by.

you could also try

Tranquilize another soothing meditation music app.

Do you have a bit of geek in you? I know I do. Here are a couple of my favorite geek apps

19. Ultimate Lightsaber   This allows you to turn your Android phone into a lightsaber!  Light your phone up with a Jedi or Imperial light saber that plays the accompanying light saber sounds. A simple button adds in your choice of key Star Wars music themes and even your favorite characters voice dialogue.

You may also like

Sonic Screwdriver  If you solve problems by being more clever, try out one of the Doctor's sonic screwdrivers.


All work and no play makes your telephone boring. There are pigs stealing eggs and there are

20. Angry Birds 
Everyone's favorite game is also on my phone. If you beat all the levels you can also get

Angry Birds in Rio 
More adventures of the angy birds in Brazil

There are some great apps that you can load onto your Android phone for free and make your phone a lot more useful and fun.

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