Wow but there are some negatives

Aug 20, 2011
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When you see the great shots from this camera you expect them all to be the same and unfortunately they are not. I gave up on all modes except automatic because it was so hard to attain the perfect shot. Too dark in manual too light, not enough sharpness. Again its hard to know if a little bump affected this camera or not but I had two used ones and felt the same about both. When the sharpness and light levels are right on, its a fantastic camera. To this day I don't have better shots from any other camera I ever owned but its extremely hard to attain them. I am not sure if I need totake to shop to get more a tad more sharpness or what. I just know its hard to get the good shot in other modes. So I am left with just using automatic mode. Maybe I don't know what I am doing. Still its a great camera  capable of taking the best shots you ever had.

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