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Aug 22, 2011
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Pros:lightweight, stain resistant, bright colors

Cons:expensive, does not fit shopping carts

The Bottom Line: Although very stylish and durable, I am so frustrated with its use that I would not recommend it to anyone else.

Although cute and different, this seat is horrible. I bought this seat for a hefty price tag for my second baby thinking that an expensive car seat would be exactly what I needed. But I was wrong. My baby was born at 7.5 pounds and when bringing her home from the hospital, the thick padding along with the straps squeezed into her neck so much that it appeared as if she was strangling in her seat. I have used other brands of car seats with my first child and have not had this problem, so I know that it is not because of incorrect installation. It didn't stop there. The car seat is virtually impossible to engage without slamming it into the base. I am used to car seats that just click into place when placed onto the base. I have checked the base and seat over and over for why it does this and cannot find a problem. Another issue that I have is that it is difficult for me to pull the carrying handle forward because both hands are needed to push on the button and I have trouble reaching my hands around the large circle where the button is located. It is so frustrating! Finally, the car seat does not fit into shopping carts! With other car seats like Graco or Evenflo, there is a groove on the bottom of the seat where the carseat can click into the shopping cart and then be secured by the safety straps. Because there is no way I can safely do this, baby has to ride in the "cargo" area of the cart. Bummer.

There are a few positives that I should point out. I do like how the head support kept my newborn's head securely in place. I also like how the seat fabric is very stain-resistant, even after multiple spills and spit-ups. The colors are very vibrant and non-fading after multiple washes, and in general it is a very cool looking seat. It goes seamlessly into by babyjogger city select stroller, and I like how the canopy has a window that I can use to keep an eye on my baby on a sunny day. It is lightweight and the handle bar is very easy to grasp with both hands. However, because of my overall frustration with the functionality of this seat, I would not recommend this to any other moms.

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