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Aug 25, 2011
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Pros:Quiet, nice syle / appearance, seems to be effieicent and seems to wash clothes well.

Cons:No heating element, no true hot water wash

The Bottom Line: Would not recommend this based on my two issues: manual misprint (and LG calling it a confusion) and no real hot water wash!

I bought this machine after reading many reviews and downloading the user manual on line from LG.  The manual on page 22, 1st bullet under wash/rinse states that there is a heating element to boost the hot water.  I contacted LG and they apologized for the confusion in the manual (it's an error, not a confusion LG) and confirmed that this model DOES NOT have any heating element inside.  Fair enough, I know this isn't one of the 'high' end front load models from LG - a steam washer or one with a heater.  For the price, I should have known better, right?
Bigger beef though is that even on the hot wash cycle, after the tub fills, the water is tepid-warm at best.  The hot water inlet temperature is pretty hot in my condo and despite trying several cycles that allow hot wash, and despite 'pre heating' the drum before a wash (fill with hot, then drain, fill again etc) - the temperature of the wash water is not hot.  You can tell the machine is adding cold water to mix the hot when it's filling - but on the hot wash cycle?  Why?  I would perfer a pure hot water wash, even on a 'basic' machine.  In the era of pet dander, allergens and even (gasp) bed bugs, despite using a hot dryer to combat these issues, a hot wash is also essential.  I suspect for some reviewers who claim their clothes aren't coming out clean as they'd like or that the machine smells musty after a while despite following all of the recommendations, if the machine would only allow pure hot water to enter the machine from the tap, it might improve these two issues.  Bad LG - this is a design flaw and you'll never admit to it!
For these two reasons, I cannot give this machine a higher rating that  I already have!  I would not recommend this model either and I would suggest looking at other models (LG or not - not sure at this point!).

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