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Apr 20, 2012 (Updated Aug 14, 2012)

The Bottom Line With great power come great responsibility to partake in this write-off. My spider-sense says so. Avengers Assemble!

The comic book world has changed.

DC Comics blew up its entire universe and started from scratch. Well, not entirely but it has rebooted its entire comic book line with the New 52, as it is called. Superman doesn’t wear red shorts anymore, Wonder Woman’s father is the Greek god Zeus, Barbara Gordon is Batgirl again, and Cyborg is now a founding member of the Justice League. The New 52 has definitely attracted a lot of attention from everyone wondering if it will succeed or fail. It also has mixed reactions with the fans. There are those who welcome the change and many who feel DC Comics has gone too far this experiment. But the biggest risk was renumbering all the comic books back to issue #1. That meant long standing titles like Action Comics and Detective Comics that were in the 800-900s started all over again. This caused an uproar with a lot of the traditionalists, and I have to agree with them on that aspect. I understand DC’s position in starting things on equal footing but I think those two legacy titles should have been the exception.

An even more controversial subject matter revolves around the Watchmen. In an ambitious and daring move, DC Comics has decided to release Before Watchmen, a series of prequels telling stories that happened before the Watchmen story. I think it’s a great project with extraordinary creators at the helm, even if original creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons want no part of it (Gibbons has given his blessing; Moore is just being Moore). Many fans are outraged feeling that the original story was enough especially if the original creators are not doing it. That’s like saying there shouldn’t be anymore Superman stories after Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster or anymore Spider-Man stories after Stan Lee, the original creators of these characters.

And just to go for the trifecta, DC changed its logo. Now I have seen logo changes from this company over the years but it has always been a modern progression of the previous one. This one is a complete departure from anything ever seen before. At first glance it looks like an art student did it (no offense to art students but people expect something better from such a prolific company). However, I knew that the print media wasn’t where this logo was going to be effectively used at all. The magic happens in the multimedia world with its animated shows, movies, website, and other applications of the kind. It becomes kinetic in nature and takes on a different feel with every single application. While the base of the logo is the same, the finish is always different making each one unique when applied to different areas. A lot of people really hate the new look but I understood what was going on from the start. It’s funny but when I see it used on its animated shows, I accepted it faster than I realized.

Marvel Comics hasn’t been sitting back at all. Big things are taken place especially with the Avengers. The latest Avengers vs. X-Men series is the next big event pitting these two superhero teams against each other. As always, there are promises of big repercussions after the smoke clears, such as the death of Peter Parker. Oh yes, he died at the hands of the Green Goblin. But don’t worry, it’s the Ultimate Spider-Man version that made the ultimate sacrifice that made media headlines, the same way that Captain America did a few years ago. But while young Peter Parker is dead, Spider-Man lives on through the efforts of Miles Morales, a young teenager of African American and Latino descent.

Marvel is been more prominent on the big screen. The latest wave of Marvel movies started with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in February, again starring Nicolas Cage. The highly anticipated The Avengers comes out in May assembling the team to save the world from destruction. This is the one that has been culminating since Iron Man back in 2008. Marvel’s flagship character is also back on the big screen with The Amazing Spider-Man in July. However, this isn’t a sequel to the previous three films. Instead it’s a complete reboot of the film series starring Andrew Garfield as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors, aka the Lizard. But the biggest one everyone is awaiting comes from DC Comics. The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy featuring villains Catwoman and Bane. DC has been releasing more animated movies on DVD with Batman: Year One and Justice League: Doom based on comic book stories to great success. The next one slated for release is Superman Versus The Elite asking the question if Superman is relevant to the times anymore. But other comic book properties such as Men in Black III and Dredd, the new Judge Dredd movie have a good chance at the box office as well.

The small screen has also seen an influx of animated programming from both companies. The new DC Nation hour-long block features the new Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice with DC Nation Shorts, a series of shorts that air alongside. Marvel has put together a similar concept for Disney XD with the second season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the new Ultimate Spider-Man.

DC and Marvel aren’t the only two names in the business. Image Comics, founded back in 1992, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company was founded by high-profile illustrators and is still continuing strong with the likes of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn and Erik Larsen’s The Savage Dragon. The world of Riverdale has made some headlines with the introduction of Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in Archie Comics. In fact there is even a new wrinkle to the whole Veronica and Betty situation as Archie is dating someone else... Valerie, the drummer from Josie and the Pussycats. I also love that Valiant is making another comeback with brand new material. It’s another round with familiar friends such as X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Bloodshot, and Harbinger.

But it all comes back to the source material. It's amazing that physical comic books still even exist now that the digital age is really making its presence known. However, for the comic book world, it is still in its infancy stage learning the ropes and trying to figure out the best way to utilize this new format. Offerings of the digital copy is slowly catching on and it will take some more time before it will be fully embraced and accepted as a part of the new medium.

To show that respect, the first Saturday in the month of May has become a growing tradition in the comic book industry. On May 5, 2012, the comic book industry will once again celebrate Free Comic Book Day. This annual promotion, which started back in 2002, is designed by the North American comic book industry to help bring in new readers into comic book stores. This is also done in conjunction with the release of The Avengers on May 4.

The purpose of this event is threefold: first, to introduce new readers to the medium; second; calling back former comic book readers; and last, to thank the current comic book buyers for their support.

Major publishers produce a special edition to give away as a promotion for both the company and the characters that they publish as they try to attract new readers into the fold. There are an array of comic books available, ranging from superheroes from DC and Marvel, to traditional ones like Archie and Disney, and even Manga and other independent publishers.

Some noted titles available this year are:

DC Comics: The New 52 Special Edition and DC Nation/Superman Family Flip Book from DC Comics
Avengers: Age of Ultron, Point One and Spider-Man: Season One from Marvel Comics
Image 20 from Image Comics
Peanuts Adventure Time Flip Book from BOOM! Entertainment
Transformers #80.5 from IDW
Star Wars: Serenity and Buffy the Guild from Dark Horse Comics
Valiant Preview from Valiant Entertainment
Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Family Comic from Fantagraphics Books
and so much more.

So what does this have to do with anything at all?

In celebration of all the festivities surrounding this popular genre, the fifth annual Funny Pages Write-Off begins again. Write a review related to comic books and comic strips. Notice I say comic books and not just superheroes. It can be about comic books (duh), graphic novels, movies, toys, clothes, television shows, cartoons, novels, video games, and anything else you can think of. Did you ride the Superman roller coaster at Six Flags? That totally counts for this. Did you visit Metropolis, Illinois, the "Hometown of Superman?" That counts as well. Anything related to comic books counts.

Even better, find obscure references that mention anything about comic books, such as the movie Office Space implementing a quick-rich scheme based on the machinations that happened in Superman III or the argument over the best Silver Surfer artist (Jack Kirby or Morbius) in the movie Crimson Tide.

This will be the summer's blockbuster write-off so have fun from now until the end of July. Give me a shout in the comments section if you do participate. I'll list and link your review(s) to this page.

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