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Sep 3, 2011
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Pros:Install-A , Scans-A , Copies and Printing-A, Faxes-A, User Friendly-A

Cons:Printhead needed replacing in only 16 months, Card reader not multifunctional

The Bottom Line: It is very good value for such an inexpensive All-In-One unit and has worked seamlessly.  I would be rather likely to buy this printer again.

After having an Epson (printer only) and several HP All-In-Ones over the years, when it was time to replace our last HP, we saw great ratings on the Lexmark printers. The ratings I had seen on th HP's recently were not all that favourable. They seemed inexpensive in comparison to the HP's (I always paid over $200 for what I wanted), so I have to say that I had serious doubts when my husband insisted on purchasing a Lexmark. I like having a Fax machine handy so we opted for the Interpret S405 model. Purchased in May 2010. 

The print quality I was impressed with - including photos. Photo card reader CANNOT transfer files - that I did find out the hard way and can only read and print from the card. That was disappointing, but I purchased a multi card reader for $15.00. The ink seems to last a reasonable amount of time, but I buy the XL's. I have also joined the Lexmark returnable cartridge program so for every few I buy and return I get free ones. The speed of printing is suitable for my needs (otherwise I would have purchased a Laser).  Installation and setting up with the wireless network (w/ security) was a breeze.  I have 3 computers, one desktop and 2 wireless laptops, printing to it and have not experienced issues, although we're not all printing simultaneously.  The scanning quality seems to be quite exceptional - the detail of scanned photos (you know, like those OLD photos), truly impressed me. 

After just over a year though I need to replace the printhead. It will cost $30.00. This one went without any warning. I thought this was a little unsatisfactory especially after thinking about getting a spare one in the event that these deteriorate in only a year and suddenly stop printing color (it would be $60.00 and the whole printer cost less than $100... hmmm?)  I never replaced any parts on any HP's I had. This has been a wonderful printer up to now. No jamming (ever), easy to use, does most things at least very good, great for an inexpensive All In One unit. I still haven't decided whether to replace the printer or printhead yet... and would I buy this printer again...? I think I would... but not sure, I'll likely see what else is available and see how their ratings are. 

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