A Huge Disappointment

Sep 21, 2011
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Pros:Nice interior glass shelving.
Well designed door storage shelving.
Large veggie bins.

Cons:Exceptionally loud when the cooling.
First unit failed, second unit was not much better.

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend purchasing this model of Frididare refriderator.

When my Hotpoint refrigerator of 17 years started to fail, I was forced to research and purchase a new one.  After a few weeks of shopping and on-line research, I decided on the Frigidaire.  I found it at my local Lowe's for a good price, it looked well made and stylish.  I really liked the interior glass shelves, well designed storage shelves on the door and large veggie bins.  The exterior was a stylish design and finish.  

Right away, I noticed this refrigerator made much more noise during the cooling cycle than my older one.  Also after about three days I noticed the lower part of the refrigerator seemed to be getting warmer.  I turned the temperature in the lower part of the refrigerator up, but by the next day the temperature still continued to drop.  Finally I contacted Lowe's and they delivered another refrigerator unit a week later.  Due to this failure, I lost all the food in the main part of my refrigerator.  

The second refrigerator after a few days seemed to be doing better, but I noticed that when the freezer ran there seemed to be a rattling noise that was getting increasingly louder with each day.  Finally around day five, I opened the freezer and pushed against the back freezer wall that has a piece of plastic covering the freezer fan unit and the noise stopped for a few hours, then it began again.  I tried pushing the ice-maker bucket against the back wall but eventually, it moved away due to the vibration of the freezer fan and the noise started.  Finally I used duct tape on the plastic the plastic freezer fan cover to stop the noise. 

At least this time, the main refrigerator is holding the temperature so far.  This new refrigerator compared to my old trusty Hotpoint is a real disappointment. 

I would not recommend this unit.  I can understand the failure of one unit, but now more problems with the second does not give me confidence that Frigidaire is making a quality product.

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