Best. Carseat. Ever.

Sep 28, 2011
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Pros:Price, quality, longevity, comfort, safety.

Cons:Weight. They are very heavy seats, hard to carry.

The Bottom Line: Best seat for the money; everyone should have one. They are a little heavy and bulky.

I bought this seat for my then 18 month old daughter in 2009, and she's still in it at almost 4 years old and shows no signs of outgrowing it any time soon. I just bought another one for my 16 month old son, who can't stand to rear-face anymore, and he loves it, too!

This seat has a lot to recommend it. So much, in fact, I will have to use numbered pargraphs to organize my love for the Nautilus.

1 - Price. No other car seat gives you this much bang for your buck. I got my daughter's on sale at Babies R Us for $118.00, and my son's on Amazon for $125.00. Much cheaper seats can go for those prices and more.

2 - Longevity. I will probably use these seats until my kids outgrow the weight limit, so maybe when they're 6 or 7? Maybe longer? I mean, very few carseats can seat forward facing infants  up through 80 pound big kids. It's a huge advantage of this seat.

3 - Comfort. These seats are cushy comfy. Like, armchair comfy. My daughter had sat in that seat for upwards of 4 hours on a family vacation and been totally comfortable. They have nice thick padding on the seat and back, an easy-to-wipe-out cup holder that doubles as a snack cup, comfy arm rests, and two little cutouts in the arms rests that serve as places for your child to stash small toys or books. The additional head rest for older children is also very soft and well shaped to not push the child's head forward.

4 - Quality. There is literally nothing on the Nautilus that feels cheap. It's very heavy (which can sometimes be a little bit of a pain when you have to carry it), the plastic is thick and sturdy, nothing feels flimsy or breakable, the buckles and metal parts are all smooth and nothing sticks, and the fabric of the seat is thick, durable, and easy to wipe up.

5 - Ease of cleaning. I take my careseats out and wash them about once a month. The first time you take the Nautilus apart, it's a little confusing; there's a lot of little loops and fasteners. But after that first time, you realize how easy this thing is to wipe down and clean. I just throw the fabric parts in the washer on gentle, and they come out fresh and clean! They also dry in the dryer just fine.

6 - Safety. The Nautilus always gets put in the same safety class as much more pricey seats like Britax and Sunshine Kids. I feel extremely comfortable putting my precious children in these seats. I know they're as protected as they can be.
I really can't imagine how the Nautilus could be any better. It is the best carseat out there.

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