Great TV if You Can Get it at a Great Price

Oct 6, 2011 (Updated Oct 6, 2011)
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Pros:Low price, great picture, basic/standard features

Cons:high footprint, some extra features lacking, no remote visible in the dark, AAA batteries

The Bottom Line: If you want a big screen TV and don't mind the size, this one won't eat the money out of your wallet.

Being a loyal Samsung customer, I initially purchased an LG plasma as the price was good and I have always wanted a plasma which would double up as an occasional second computer monitor, mostly for watching content on. Unfortunately for me, I could see the flicker in the plasma when sitting closer to it. Exchanged for this 55" LG model.

This thing, in the box, was a monster. You almost need a van or a pickup truck to get it home. I was lucky I drive a hatchback, but being almost 188 cm tall (that's 6'2"), I still had to move my seat so far forward that I could almost lick the windshield and the airbag would surely help kill me, not protect me, in a frontal collision. But, nonetheless, I got this TV home.

All of the components were in the box, and this TV was set up within minutes. By the way, for those of you unwrapping this TV: when you cut the plastic ties holding the box together, just slide the box up and out of the way, and it detaches from the bottom part of the box with the TV still on it. I was a fool and cut the masking tape and struggled to pull the TV out and over through the top of the box. It wasn't until I went to lift the box to move it out of the way I realized that I only picked up half of it while the other half remained parked on the floor where I had initially set it down. Oops.  

A plethora of settings and very good picture quality lets me really tweak this TV till my heart's content. It even has a built-in setting where you can calibrate the picture by comparing different contrasts and colours of squares to tweak the picture just that much more and compare the setting to ideal specs. However, I don't find the blacks as black as on my 40" Samsung LCD and the white as white even though the Samsung is last year's mode. Turning up the settings to make the whites whiter feels like I'm getting an x-ray when sitting anything less than a meter from the TV. Since I'm doubling this up as the second computer monitor, it's sitting right next to the Samsung and I can compare them side to side. Yes, I have a very big desk and a couch across from it. I notice more bleeding around the edges from the backlight when displaying a pure black picture. I do find that the text isn't as crisp when sitting up close, but I think that's because with an extra 15" inches when compared to my Samsung and the resolution being the same the pixels are bigger. Still, quite noticeable when comparing side-by-side.
I don't notice any lag, or ghosting, and the picture is clear, but again, not as vivid as the Samsung.  I also find that this TV starts up very quickly.  This time, unlike the Samsung, which takes about four to five seconds longer.  When you turn it on, the red light in the bottom right corner turns from red to blue to let you know it's on.  I guess blue is the new "GO!", replacing green.  But then again, how tacky would green look on your TV set?  

Wish it had four HDMI inputs versus three and though I don't need more than one at this time it just seems that's what the norm is quickly becoming these days. Also, the width of the bezel is about 4cm wide which quickly adds to the real estate of the TV's size. Acceptable for older models, but todays TVs do much better than that--for a price, obviously. A hefty price usually and I have a feeling that this isn't one of the newest models anyways, but still very sleek looking.

Remote is nicely laid out, but no glow-in-the-dark buttons, or any backlighting, so get used to the layout of the buttons as you'll quickly be fumbling in the dark to press the right one if you don't. Although I always seem to have an abundance of AA batteries, this remote takes AAA, but they do come with the set to get you started.

Read reviews on other sites to get more details, but in a nutshell, this TV is great for the price, and especially if you can get it on sale.

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