okay, but not great

Oct 8, 2011
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Pros:sleek design;
dishwasher safe attachments;
variable speeds

Cons:the variable speeds are not what you expect ( too fast );
disappointing blending results

The Bottom Line: Looks great, but disappoints in blending performance.

I was looking for a hand held immersion blender for some time. The DeLonghi caught my eye. Sleek look, and I always liked European products. I ordered my blender from Macy's, and I chose the one with all the attachments. It was also important to me, that this blender has variable speeds. When I received the blender, I could not wait to try it. My first trial was with a milk shake. Milk, ice cream, and malted milk powder. Nothing fancy. The blender did rather poorly. It does not blend well at all. The blades are turning fast, sure, and it creates enough suction to just about suck itself to the bottom of the container, but the only blending occurs right around the blades. Anything next to the blades or above the blades does not get mixed at all. You have to move the cup, move the blender up and down, and in the end you still end up with totally liquified milk shake with ice cream froth on top. Not impressive at all. My next project was blending eggs and milk for a casserole with the whipping attachment. Lots of power, but the whipping attachment wobbles. Made a mess, but did not make a smooth mix. It looked like milk with shredded eggs. I can do a better job by hand. The variable speeds are also not what I expected. The lowests speed is already too fast for something like egg mixes. My first two trials were so discouraging, I don't feel like trying it with soups. I don't want to return the blender to Macy's, because it was a birthday gift, and I insisted on getting the DeLonghi instead of the any other one. If I had bought it myself, I would return it.

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