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Oct 8, 2011 (Updated Oct 10, 2011)
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Pros:It is the perfect height, easy to wash and allows our baby to sleep comfortably.

Cons:Where he lays his head is a little hard easy to fix though.

The Bottom Line: This is a must for all new parents!  It will help your little one sleep more soundly. 

The Fisher-Price Sleeper was probably the best thing we have purchased since our son's arrival, who just turn 3 months old.  We have two bouncer seats, a pack and play, and a crib--yet he would not sleep comfortably in any of them!  Being new parents we were too scared to let him out of our site at night and wanted him in our room.  Finding the Rocker was the best thing ever! 
He not only sleeps in it at night but throughout the day as well.  He started sleeping longer and more peacefully the very first time I placed him in the Fisher Price rocker, it was a miracle!  At least for newbie’s :) While sleeping in the bouncer he would continually have the "falling effect", he never experienced this in the rocker, unless one of our three dogs startled him!  The "falling effect" is when they just reach their little arms out in the middle of sleeping as though they are startled; at least this is what our doctor calls it.  Some believe if you put something with weight on their stomach, such as a blanket it will reduce this effect, however, that never worked well for us.  I think the design of the rocker in which loosely snuggles the baby is what helps to make them feel close to as they did in the womb, reducing this falling effect.
There are so many awesome things about this item that I cannot list them all.  He has had a few accidents in the rocker, which are very easy to fix. The material on top has a strap and velcro, so it is super easy to remove and throw into the washing machine.  The height of the rocker is perfect for nighttime.  Depending on who is on night duty, we place the Fisher price rocker accordingly and when those wonderful nighttime feedings arrive your little one's mouth is within a very comfortable arm's reach.  The rocking feature is perfect for when he is fighting a nap.  I just rock him for a small amount of time and he drifts away.  The rocker does not have any music nor does it vibrate, our little one is not really interested in those things as of yet anyway.  It is simply a more comfortable place for your child as opposed to a bouncer or crib.  He does sit in the Fisher Price Rocker while he is awake as well; he seems to be very content and comfortable in it. I just hope he does not grow out of it anytime soon! The Fisher Price Rocker was definitely one of our best buys of yet!

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