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Oct 11, 2011
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Pros:Baby loves it, music/motion/nature sounds, batteries or electric powered, sturdy, portable

Cons:None for our baby

The Bottom Line: Baby loves swinging, gentle music, and the nature sounds.  Adults love how stylish and sturdy it is.  A great buy.

Note: My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing is in the database with no picture so if you want to see this wonderful swing, click on one of the links.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

My babies had the wind-up swings which we thought were quite modern and innovative but let me tell you, they're nothing compared to today's swings. My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing (from Target) cost my daughter and her husband $170.00 (choke, choke) but if you'll check, you can get it for $127 at Amazon which is a huge savings. 

My Little Snugabunny:
The many features of tihs motorized swing makes it an excellent choice for any baby.  It plays soothing music with adjustable volume, has alternating swing motions (frontward and sideways at the touch of a button), choices of 3 positions, plush toy mobile, a 5-point harness, fabric is machine washable, choice of battery power (4-D) or electrical plug-in.  It's truly a great swing which my granddaughter loves.

It's designed to hold babies up to 25 lbs with the manufacturer's suggested age of one month and up. 

Assembly is required.  Our son-in-law assembled it in less than an hour and that included taking it from the box, reading the illustrations and then following them.  The only tool needed was a Phillips head screwdriver (the allen wrench that came with it) and it wasn't long until we were using it. 

Savannah loves motion and music.  We have 3 lullaby CD's which are played when she's tucked in for the night, or rather, half of the night as she's still not sleeping all night long.  The Snugabunny plays soothing music which resembles her CD's and she can fall asleep in no time with the music playing and the cradle swaying.

The Snugabunny swings from side to side (the cradle motion) and from front to back.  It has 6 speeds.  The first speed is very slow and gentle and as you increase the speeds, it swings faster and faster.  Savannah is around 10 lbs and we've kept the speed on 2 which seems to soothe her the best.  It's kept in the living room and really doesn't take up that much space but you may want to check the dimensions to make sure you know what you're getting. 

42" Height
34" Width
34" Depth

The Snugabunny is portable but we've never moved it.  When I have Savannah at my house, I use her Cradling Bouncer.  When I'm at my daughter's house and I can keep my hands off her long enough, we use the Snugabunny. 

The 5-point harness keeps Savannah safely buckled in the swing.  The colors of the material are a plush tan, beige and polyester white.  I think this is the only color you can get it in so it's rather generic.  The cradle material can be removed, washed and dried.  It's easy to remove and put back on.  

The plastic mobile has an underside mirror so when Savannah is older she can see herself in it.  She's getting to the age where she's more alert and is noticing things - such as the mobile moving.  Lately, we've noticed she seems to stare at it.  There are 3 plush birds on the mobile along with green leaves which are firmly attached.  I've never checked close enough but I don't think they can be removed.   

The swing is placed on carpet close to an electrical outlet in the living room.  You can use batteries (4D) if you want/need to, though, so you do have a choice especially if you choose to move it or don't have a convenient outlet.  The electrical cord is attached to the top panel and runs down one of the legs and plugs in a regular outlet.
All features of the Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing are controlled on the motorized top panel.  There are arrows for the speed (arrow to the right, faster, arrow to the left, slower) and you can choose nature sounds or music.  Some nature sounds are of running water or chirping birds, etc., and the music, gentle lullabies. 

There are 3 different positions with the cradle; front, right and to the left and it reclines in 2 positions, up and down.  The cradle can be positioned to either sway sideways or front to back.  To change this position, you hold down one of the buttons on the panel and while holding it down, move the cradle to the position you desire.  I prefer having Savannah sway from side to side (like a cradle) but only because it's different than the front to back my children had when they were babies.

The legs of the bottom metal bars are curved inwards with plastic caps on each end.  The straight metal bars are attached to the motorized panel and there's a curved metal bar attached to the mobile and the cradle.  It's all very sturdy, however, if you have older children, I'd watch them around the swing especially if they're playing and rough housing it.  They could probably knock it over but it would certainly take a hard push. 

Final Thoughts:
The Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing
is a good investment and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who's going to have a baby.  Savannha is a good baby but there are still times when even the best of babies, can be fussy.  Our times aren't often but when they do occur, we know we can put her in the swing, turn the music on and let her sway until she falls asleep (not long).  Babies now-a-days really have it good!   

Collapsed Dimensions: 34.0 " W
Weight: 20.5 Lb.
Warranty: 90 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Target states it's Made in the USA or Imported so we can take our pick.  My guess is part of it is Made in the USA and part of it is Imported.

ddustyrose October 11, 2011

Thank you Anna for finding this for me!

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