Skull Candy Smokin Buds Headphones.

Oct 13, 2011
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Pros:Cool design, any color, interchangeable ear buds.

Cons:Break easliy, uncomfortable, poor sound quality.

The Bottom Line: Bottom line these headphones are a waste of money.

        I did not like these headphones. I bought these headphones because they were on sale at the local department store. I got them for 9.99, I believe their regularprice was 15.99. I bought these head phones to use at the gym. I got on the treadmill and put my headphones in snug. I began running and the buds fell out. I spent more time that day trying to put the headphones in more than I did exercising!

Likes:Color and designs. I bought the black strand with the green ear buds. They are very portable.

Dislikes:Uncomfortable, fall out of your ears easy, speaker cover may become lodged in your ear and medical attention can be required to remove. Require frequent cleaning, becomes damaged easily. If you lose a speaker cover you have to purchase a whole new complete set of head phones.

After I decided that I was very unsatisfied with this product, I went to return them and the store told me that I could not return them through them. I had to send them to cooperate and they would decided if i had filed my warranty paper work correctly. If I had then I would receive my rebate OR a new pair.

Durability:These headphones have a life expectancy of about 2weeks - 4 months. They can't handle much wear and tear at all.

Ear buds: Ear buds come in 4 different sizes to help fit comfortably. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any to fit my ears correctly. If you have more than one person using them and you switch out ear buds often they rip. Making them impossible to replace.

Damage Ipods:  I actually had a kink in my headphones. They would only work if the cord was bent a certain way. After prolong use of bending the cord or twisting it just right for them to play it actually damaged the input of my ipod.

Price: The price would be affordable if you didn't have to replace them so often. 15.99 is decent for a good durable set of headphones.

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