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Oct 18, 2011 (Updated Oct 19, 2011)
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Pros:-audiophile quality sound
-detachable cable
-Top of the line quality
-crisp, clean, tight bass


The Bottom Line:

If you are an audiophile like myself who enjoys hearing music to its full potential I would say it doesn't get much better than this.

-triple high definition Microdrivers
-119 db SPL/mW Sensitiviy
-36 Ohm impedance
-frequency range of 18Hz to 19kHz
- 1/8" input connector (also came with 1/4" adapter)

 I purchased my SE 535's directly from Shure's website. These are actually my second set of in ear monitors from them which replaced the discontinued SE 530's I owned for a few years before I decided to purchase these due to issues with the cables becoming hard and brittle and eventually cracking which was the only problem I had with them. That aside, I am glad they decided to make the cables detachable making the cables much easier to replace if ever needed. If you do happen to have the SE 530's there isn't really a need to upgrade to the 535's unless you have cable issues like I did. The internal design was kept pretty much the same. The only difference may be slightly better highs.

Sound quality and isolation
First of all the sound quality from these is amazing, also the sound isolation they provide is just like having ear plugs in your ears while listening to your favorite music without all the background noise. Shure claims up to 37dB of sound isolation. The main reason I bought these was because of the loud environment I work in and anything else just would not have worked as well. They completely drown out all background noise as soon as the music starts playing making for a more enjoyable day. Any music played through these sounds incredible, everything seems to come to life as if you were in the recording studio or at a live concert. Of course the better quality music source you have the better they will sound although they will bring out the very best at whatever you hook them up to.
Any music player will work well with these. I have even hooked them up to my guitar amp while playing guitar and really worked well. Just make sure to keep the volume low because the high sensitivity of these picks up sound very well. This also helps save on battery life using portable players. Distortion on these from my experience is non existent as I have played many kinds of music as loud as I could handle without distortion. These also have a relative flat frequency response which simply means there are no big spikes in any frequency making listening for hours very comfortable unlike other cheap earbuds.  
Fit and Form
The SE 535's come with a good selection of sound isolating sleeves to use giving the right fit for anyone which is important with these to get the best sound possible. At first especially if you have never worn IEM's before they may feel awkward until you get the hang of fitting them in your ears. They form rather nicely to the ear with the cable hanging over the top and behind the ears.
The high cost of the SE 535's will probably keep most people from buying these but if you have the money they are well worth it.

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