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Oct 18, 2011 (Updated Oct 19, 2011)
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Pros:Small, pretty powerful for a stick vacuum, also a hand held duster

Cons:Only holds a charge for 20 minutes

The Bottom Line:

A stick vacuum and hand held dust buster in one.  Pretty powerful and cleans well.

Several months ago my husband and I made an impulse purchase while shopping at our local Costco store.  We brought home the Electrolux EL1014A Bagless Stick Vacuum.  Costco was selling these vacuums for $80.00, which is a good price since they retail for around $120.00.

The price was high for a stick vacuum but my mother used an Electroux vacuum all during my childhood and I always viewed them as an excellent and reliable brand.

I've purchased the $20 stick vacuums before, and there is no comparison between those and this Electrolux model.  Although it looks like the typical stick vacuum, it is very heavy duty with a solid feel.  I could do with a color other than orange, but it is what it is.

The unit came in a few separate pieces which were easy to put together.  There is a charging station that plugs into any outlet.  The vacuum can be stored in the station or you can mount it on your wall but this wasn't something we wanted to explore because the vacuum is on the heavy side (although much lighter than a full sized vacuum).

When I place the vacuum in the docking station I always know if it is locked in place properly because a blue light comes on.  It should be charged for 24 hours before the first use, but I keep mine charged at all times.  I generally get up to 20 minutes of use out of a full charge.

One feature I don't care for is the design of the power buttons.  There is a gray oval button on the handle with three functions: off, full power, and intermediate power.  When the button is pressed up you have full power, and when it's down you have intermediate power.  The middle position is for "off". 

The vacuum has rotating brushes on the bottom, but this is two vacuums in one.  Built into the center of the unit is a separate hand held "Dust Buster" that has a flat nozzle with a crevice tool and brush for dusting or cleaning small jobs.  It snaps in and out easily and quickly.

We just installed new carpet in our living room last May and I vacuum it 2 to 3 times a week with my full sized vacuum.  I use this stick vacuum on the other days to pick up bits of leaves the dog brings in, as well as other debris.  It does a good job of cleaning the carpet, but it doesn't have nearly the suction power of a full sized vacuum.  I would never consider replacing a full sized vacuum with this model.

I rarely sweep my hard wood floors any longer because this Electrolux Stick Vacuum does a better job.  I use it to clean all of our hard surface floors as well as area rugs in the kitchen and entry way.  It's not real noisy and the bag holds a fair amount of dirt and dust.

When it's time to empty the bin it can be done fairly quickly.  The dust container and filters can be removed and contents dumped into the garbage.  There are two filters with this model, the pre-filter and the fine filter.  They can be rinsed in warm water and must be dried completely before reassembling.

Occasionally the brush roll needs to be cleaned, and I just cleaned mine a few hours ago.  There was string and pet hair clogging the bristles, although the indicator light never went out.  (If the brush becomes too clogged the light on the floor nozzle is supposed to go out).  I simply snipped the hair and string and pulled the debris free of the brushes, but there is a release button that releases the cover and allows you to remove the brush roll in order to clean it.  (I have never had to take this step to clean the roller bar).

I've used this vacuum for several months now and I really love it.  The head swivels making the chore of vacuuming the floor and around chairs easy.  It does a pretty good job of edge cleaning along walls too!  I wish it held a charge for a longer period of time, and that is my only complaint.  There have been times when I used it on the full power mode for too long and it died on me.  Because of this I generally use the intermediate mode.

Overall, I give this vacuum 4 out of 5 stars. 


Someone asked some good questions in the comments section.  Only the warranty information was in the manual.  I had to call Electrolux to get the other answers because they were not found in the manual or on the box.

How much does this weigh? 5.3 pounds.
What is the dust cup capacity? .4 quarts
What is the voltage of the vacuum? 9.6 volts
Is there a manufacturer's warranty? Yes, for 2 years.

As far as overcharging the vacuum, Electrolux says that is not possible.  I was told I should keep the vacuum charged at all times (which is what I have been doing), and that a max of 20 minutes running time on a full charge is normal.  When the vacuum is fully discharged it takes 15-20 hours of recharging time for the battery to regain full capacity.  This model does not have a "memory".

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