Kodak Camera

Oct 21, 2011
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Pros:Lots of settings
good pictures
one cable
fast dowloading

Cons:Sound is hard to turn on and off

The Bottom Line: The Kodak camera is super easy to use, and it takes very professional photographs.

I received my Kodak camera for Christmas one year, and I remember it well because I had wanted a new camera really badly. I have a pink Kodak camera and it works better than any of my previous cameras. I have had it for a while now and I absolutely adore it. I see that some other people may not prefer theirs but I use mine all the time. I have only had one problem with it, and that is I can't get my sound to work. When I take videos the sound does not come on. I think that may have been something I have done by accident because the sound worked for a year and then it stopped. It's only the video sound not the sounds the camera makes. One of the things that is really handy about this camera is that it allows you to have different settings in different lighting situations. Also it allows you to take good pictures of fast moving objects. I can take a picture from the car while in motion and the picture comes out really well. The downloading from the camera to the computer is very easy. You only need one USB cable that comes with the camera. So there aren't a lot of cords that you need to keep track off. The Kodak website also allows you to turn your pictures into all sorts of things. You can turn your own pictures into a deck of cards, a calendar, and more.

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