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Oct 23, 2011
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Pros:good for beginnersgood price for DSLR

Cons:battery life in liveview

The Bottom Line: Great camera for DSLR beginners and great value!

I have always envied those that could take amazing photographs; observing these people has led me to the same observation: they use DSLR cameras instead of the easier to use point-and-shoot varieties. I was always intimidated by these cameras so never thought that one was for me-- that was until I read the great reviews of the Nikon D3100. 
The D3100 comes in a kit with an 18-55mm lens, camera strap, rechargable battery, and several other accesories. Not included with the camera, but purchased by me soon after was an adequate camera case; this camera is a beast and you will want somewhere safe to put it! The 18-55mm lens (what I am told) is a good multi-purpose lens. It has so far allowed me to take excellent pictures of my kitties and my friend's wedding so I must agree with this assertation. 
This camera is great for beginners courtesy of Nikon's "Guide" mode it has installed in the camera's firmware. You can simply select what you want to do (blur backgrounds, sharpen focus, photograph running water, etc) and let the camera guide you to the right settings. It's great for getting an idea of how your camera can behave using different options, without becoming overwhelmed by the multitude of adjustable settings.
This camera takes amazing pictures; at least by my experience. I have been having fun experimenting with the different settings in different lights and scenes.The battery lasts awhile, but quickly disintegrates if the camera is left in "liveview" mode for a long time. This is not a real problem, but is the only quirk I could think of so thought I would mention it.
This is the perfect camera for a beginner. I have heard more-experienced photographers claim that it is quite good for a basic DSLR as well. Highly recommend!

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