Worst printer I have ever owned...

Oct 25, 2011
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Pros:Quick prints, fast scans, and general all around use through USB.

Cons:Wireless function doesn't work 90% of the time, loud, chews through ink like it's rich.

The Bottom Line: It's a waste of money and a waste of time, I wouldn't even give it to someone I hate JUST to get rid of it.

This printer isn't something I'd recommend to anyone, let alone give it to as a gift. It uses ink like it's water, and almost always has issues connecting to the network. I'd say it's wireless feature works maybe once every ten attempts, usually just have to hook up it's USB to get it to print properly. It REFUSES to print anything when just ONE of the colour ink cartridges runs out of ink, even if you're only using the black cartridge. It's loud, sounds like it's attempting to break out of itself when it prints, and it shakes like crazy when printing; good luck keeping it in one spot without boxing it in...

This thing is just a waste of money, I can't even get the wireless set up program on my computer to recognize the device even when I checked it's IP and input it manually into the installer! It looks nice, but it's like a bratty child that you have to constantly monitor.

I'm rambling now, just put simply:

This printer sucks and should never have come out. I'm not impressed with it and would NOT recommend it to ANYONE, even as a gift to someone you hate... Just get them that chia-pet and call it a day, it would be more useful than this printer...

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