Oct 30, 2011 (Updated Feb 13, 2012)
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Pros:Looks nice in black.

Cons:Doesn't do the job, door hard to keep clean.

The Bottom Line: No recommendation, because it does not clean dishes well.

This should not be a Profile review, I guess, more like "How to get the most out of your Dishwasher." I purchased this dishwasher along with my stove to save a little money. At first it did just fine, using liquid soap. But with use, it started cleaning the dishes less and less. Glasses on the top rack came out with fine debris dried inside them, at the bottom of the glasses. Even plates on the bottom sometimes come out with food still clinging to them.
Then I was told that one should never use liquid soap in a dishwasher, because liquid soap has a tendency to clog them up. So I cleaned the dishwasher as thoroughly as I could, and started using powdered soap. Sure enough, it did a lot better for a while. But once again, it started giving me problems.
So finally, my husband and I resorted to taking it apart and checking all of the openings. If your husband isn't the 'do-it-yourself' type, you may have to call a repairman. But that will be costly. Come to find out, two of the holes in the water arms had gotten clogged. It wasn't easy to clean them out, but with toothpicks, flushing and banging, we finally got them clear. And so far, it has been doing a good job, although we still rinse everything by hand and/or brush before it goes into the dishwasher. After doing some on-line searching, we found out it is a good idea to run the dishwasher with a cup of vinegar about once a month. And I have also switched to powdered soap, with better results.
There are eleven settings for this dishwasher:
Rinse only, Glasses, Cookware, Normal, Anti-Bacterial, Heated drying, Delay Wash, Added Heat, China, Speed, and Pre-Wash. However, I find that I use only Cookware and Normal most of the time. If you have children, the Anti-Bacterial would be most useful, especially around cold season.
There is still a problem with the inside of the door: apparently the edges around the door don't get enough water to wash clean. It gets extremely dirty and needs to be cleaned by hand, annoying, but not difficult.

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