great design, poor opration

Nov 1, 2011
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Took 12 hours for the fridge to get cold which was a long time. The temperature on front says 34 degrees and the thermostate in the fridge read 45 degrees. The water came out warm. After 4 days for the tempurature to stabilize, I went on GE's website and scheduled a tech to come fix it. Next day, GE called and said I needed to wait 48 hours for it to stabilize. I had it for 4 days! They said the water should be room tempurature and they canceled my schedule for repair. I knew this tech was full of crap. I waited next day and couldn't get a hold of GE. I called BestBuy and they replaced the fridge with a new one without hassle. This second fridge gt cold within 4-5 hours and the water came out cold like it should. The digital temp read that the fridge is 34 but the fridge never goes below 40 degrees which is the danger zone. I don't think anyone is checking their new fridge for an accurate tempurature. I'm returning this GE product for another brand.

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