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Nov 12, 2011 (Updated Dec 5, 2011)
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Pros:Extremely quiet, exceptional cleaning, solid constructions and very reasonably priced.  

Cons:Haven't found any as yet .

The Bottom Line: I would definately recommend this product when asked about it and the only reason I can't recommend an excellent overall rating is because I've only used it for 2 weeks.

This dishwasher replaced a "nothing but trouble for 5 years Maytag dishwasher" which I've only had for a couple of weeks but love it so far.  It is amazingly quiet and easy to install ..... my husband and I did it in a couple of hours.  It seems very sturdy and the interior is solid.  I love the amount of dishes you can pile in.  There is just the two of us so the dishwasher does not go on regularly.  About once in 3 days so the grime is just caked on.  This dishwasher holds a lot of dishes and everything seems to have a specific place to put a dish item in.  Eg.  you know exactly where to stack large plates, bowls, small plates etc.  Once the dishwasher is turned on, it is exceptionally quiet and does a fabulous job.  The dishes are clean and dry when the cycle is done. I shopped around on the internet and called Bosch to get some feedback on their products and then went out shopping.  This was by far the best deal on a dishwasher I could find; even tried some wharehouses.  Overall the price was less than I actually budgeted for.
In answer to a reply to my post, the dishwasher has a heavy setting, automatic,normal load and 1/2 load.  As per the instructions, I usually use the Auto Wash as the dishwasher senses when the dishes are clean.  Also no, I never pre-rinse the dishes.  I just scrape and put in the dishwasher and everything comes out perfect.  I'm still loving this dishwasher.  One thing I've noticed is it is soooooo easy to stack and unstack. My husband also swears it holds a lot more dishes than previously owned dishwashers.  It holds a 14 piece place setting and that is a lot of dishes.  The settings are not digital but buttons you press.  It also tells you when you need to add rinse aid.  There is a sanatize button as well as 3, 6, and 9 hour delay buttons (great for watching energy costs)

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