Nikon D3100 Digital Camera

Nov 14, 2011
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Pros:It is very durable, d it  fell into a lake, and is still functional.

Cons:It is a little pricy and annoying to carry.

The Bottom Line: I recommend strongly to those who are in a college photography course to use this camera. It is very simple to use and could be used for everything.

I''ve bought this camera recently and has "two sides to the coins." This is great to take pictures of landscapes. It also makes a good gift for family friends who are interested in photography. I've had a lot of good times with the little time I've had it. I was able to use it for my family vacation and was able to take great pictures of landscapes of upstate New York. I remember I had an incident involving me going in a canoe to travel from one island to another and my canoe capsized. I had the camera around my neck so i presumed after that, my camera would ceartainly be done for. I got back to my cmapsite, let it rest by the fire for a while to dry, and five hours later, it was back to normal and functional. I suggest to those however, that if you get this camera wet that you immediately put it in a container of rice, sincethat is known to soak up wetness on any electronic device. It was a little heavy to carry but you get used to it. It is the most professional camera that I have bought and it is very easy to use.

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