TRIO DC Super Friends: Atrocitus Battle Cruiser Fury and Rage Power This Red Lantern

Nov 23, 2011
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Pros:Red Lantern makes an appearance; good price; lots of fun ways to create new vehicles

Cons:Exclusive only at Toys "R" Us

The Bottom Line: The Atrocitus Battle Cruiser is a great way to expand on the Green Lantern universe and a great addition to the TRIO DC Super Friends collection.

Green Lanterns encounter many different types of species throughout the universe. In fact the Green Lantern Corps is made up off sentient beings from all walks of life. That also means they are bound to encounter those that have great animosity toward them. One of the latest to bear a grudge against this group is the newly formed Red Lanterns. This was a surprise when I actually saw the Atrocitus Battle Cruiser set for the TRIO DC Super Friendscollection from Fisher-Price.

The natural enemy to pit against Green Lantern is Sinestro, the former Green Lantern who wears a yellow power ring. Instead of being clichéd, Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns, was instead slotted into his place as adversary. It’s a bold and gutsy move considering that it gives more exposure to this new enemy.

The Battle Cruiser is a solid piece and a good-looking vehicle. It may not be as flashy as the Green Lantern Rocket but it does have a menacing and utilitarian appearance to it. There are a lot more curves to this vehicle that quickly separates it from other ships. It also looks bulkier even though there are only 26 pieces (including figure) to this set. A lot of the panels are big in size making the total count quite deceiving.

But I do like the look of this vehicle in comparison to Green Lantern’s. The vehicle, while bulkier looking, has a compact appearance with the curved panels on the back. In a way I feel like this ship looks like something that came out of the Star Trek universe.

Atrocitus looks absolutely great in this small form. All the necessary details to identify are spot-on. His head shape is similar to Mr. Freeze giving off a domed-like appearance. The Red Lantern symbol is crisp and nicely stamped on his chest for further identification. And you have to love that rage on his face as he bares his teeth ready to get into a huge fight.

A basic block is roughly 1” x 1”. They come in a variety of sizes from one block to five blocks. These are the foundation to the entire set. It’s from these pieces that other ones fit into place. Each block has a hole in the middle of each panel on all sides. This allows for the other pieces, such as tubes and panels, to snap into place.

The instruction booklet is very easy to follow with its step-by-step stages. It gives detailed instructions for the main piece but there are other options included into building three more versions of the vehicle. Interestingly enough, detailed instructions on how to assemble these new vehicles are given. It’s a curious thing considering that the Green Lantern Rocket set never received the same treatment. I can see why Atrocitus received the extra instructions considering that there are layers upon layers that are hidden with huge panels.

I’m hoping that other Lantern groups are made in this style. They don’t necessarily have to be tied to a vehicle or playset. Instead they can be marketed in the two-pack figurine sets that I find equally appealing. It’s something to be considered if this TRIO collection wants to quickly expand.

The Atrocitus Battle Cruiser is nicely priced at $16.99. Unfortunately this is an exclusive set found only at Toys “R” Us, or any secondary market websites. I do like that the recent expanded Green Lantern universe is receiving the spotlight. It shows that there are more villains who can be as powerful that is not named Sinestro (but we do hope he does show up soon).


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