Beautiful companion to the Bravos X washer, and Maytag quality all the way!

Nov 23, 2011
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Pros:Tons of options
Automated drying sensors
Quiet operation
Enhanced styling

Cons:Limited color choices

The Bottom Line: If you want Maytag quality and a great laundry dryer with tons of features, this one's for you!

This is a high-end and truly beautiful dryer by Maytag, and is the perfect compliment to the Maytag Bravos X washer - making this one of the nicest laundry pairs I have seen in a very long time.

Once again, as far as features and automation Maytag delivers and doesn't disappoint.  From automatic moisture sensors to wrinkle guard protection, this dryer has it all.  Very stylish!  And the internal light is a nice touch (you can touch a control on the panel and the light will come on while the laundry is spinning behind the see-through door) and while this is not really essential for anything, I think it's just plan "neat" LOL....  I am a true techie to the very end...

Anyone who buys this dryer, ESPECIALLY as the paired part of the beautiful Maytag Bravos laundry set, will not be disappointed.

Maytag has also incorporated their quite operation package in this unit as well, keeping things very quiet while your clothes are drying.  Other features, like delicate settings and wrinkle guard protection, further enhance the experience of using this dryer.

At first you might think that you are about to launch a spacecraft rather than simply make laundry selections - however, rest assured that the Maytag engineers have strategically placed all of the controls in a very logical and intended manner, making your operation of the various features and functions very straightforward.

In closing - you will love this dryer and if you go one step further and get the full Bravos laundry system (paird with the Bravos X washer) you will be extremely pleased. 

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