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Nov 25, 2011
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Pros:Wireless, Easy set up, fast at printing

Cons:loud when printing

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this to anyone who needs a simple, easy to use computer.

I was leaving for college and needed a printer to take with me and this is what I asked for, “a small, easy to use, and simple printer.” This HP Deskjet 3050 All- in- one inkjet printer is all that.
Since this was a birthday gift I’m not sure how much it was, I did have to do some research online to find these prices. This printer can be ordered from the HP website for $80. You can get it on amazon for $40.
Print, Scan, and Copy
 You can set up this printer to be wireless, which for me is one of the best features, because I can be sitting in the living room and just press print and it will print when it’s across the house.  It prints out very fast and nothing is ever smudged whether its pictures or just text.
 Scanning was a little hard for me to learn how to do mostly because I didn’t read the instructions, but once I did it was easy. You can scan one page at a time but you can save multiple pages into one document. 
Copying is another feature that you can do one page at a time and all you do is press the copy button.
Printer and Wireless Set up
Setting up the printer was easy. All you need to do is put a disc in your computer from there you just follow what the screen tells you to do. For someone who doesn’t like it taking forever to set things up, this doesn’t take more than about 3 minutes.  While in the set-up it will ask you about the wifi and for network information. I had to input the name and the password. For someone who is not very tech savvy at all the overall set up for me was a piece of cake.
 The ink you need for this is HP 61. It is on the cheaper side of most ink cartridges I have seen.  Black is usually $13 and tri- color is around $17. One thing that I noticed that is the only real reason I even remember what kind of ink I need to get is that the box has blue butterflies on it. Another nice thing is that the printer comes with ink already and a little ink card that says what kind of ink you need to get.  To insert them there is a little picture of what to do inside the printer door where you put it in. For me when I am inserting the new one I have to push kind of hard to get it to click.

  The printer
Power Cord
  Set-up Guide
 HP 61 Ink Cartridges ( Black and Tri- Color )
  USB Cord
 A bag ( fits the printer perfectly )
  Software CD
 There is only one thing about this printer I am not too fond of and that is how noisy it is when it is printing, it makes a lot of racket.  Other than that I think this is a great printer and for a college student like me it is perfect for everything I need. To get more technical information you can look it up on the hp website. I hope I answered some of the questions you might have about this printer.

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