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Nov 26, 2011
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Pros:cool!  good size

Cons:weak brakets, very large ice bucket

The Bottom Line: This is a good refrigerator for the price.

I think we all have a refrigerator and we all depend on it.  And, when it starts not working right and we need a new one, the decisions about options seem critical.  This was the situation I found myself in about a year and a half ago.  My ice cream was melting IN my freezer and none of my refrigerator goods were really very cold.  If I put the refrigerator goods into the freezer, they were cool but that just wasn’t right.  After a brief phone discussion of the problem and age of my refrigerator with the “Appliance Man,” he advised me to start looking for a new one.  I couldn’t believe all the options available and the price ranges were huge!  But, finally, we made a decision and now I’m here to tell you about it!

The Refrigerator
We purchased a Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator (Model ED5KVEXV).   It is a 25.1cubic food refrigerator/freezer.  The refrigerator is the door on the right and the freezer is the door on the left.  It has a lot of interesting features.  First of all, it has water and ice right in the freezer door so there is never any reason to open the freezer to get ice or a drink of water.  The ice can come out as whole cubes (that are half circle shapes or you can switch the setting for crushed ice.  The water comes out cold and good tasting as long as you remember to change the filter twice a year.  The filter is a PUR filter that fits into the bottom of the freezer section.  There is also a light on the ice/water section so if you want to see what you are doing in the dark, you can.  The whole compartment also features a lock so you can basically turn it off and on.

The refrigerator itself is a decent size. There are 4 glass shelves and 2 drawers, one a crisper and the other can be a crisper or a meat drawer by switching a dial to control the inside humidity.  All the shelves are glass and have a lip on the edge to prevent spills from dripping to other shelves.  The door of this refrigerator has large “bins.”  These can hold a lot of goods including gallon size jugs of milk.  These bins and the shelves are all adjustable, depending on your needs.

The freezer section has 5 wire shelves as well as a large ice bucket and a drawer on the bottom.  The drawer is open and can hold loose items or bags of items that would not stack well on a shelf.  The door to the freezer also has shelves but these are not nearly as wide as those on the refrigerator.  The ice bucket takes up most of the second shelf and a good amount of freezer space.

This refrigerator has temperature control dials right on the front for easy adjustment.  You can easily access them by opening the refrigerator door.  They are dials that you can set by turning them.  The refrigerator and freezer each have 2 light bulbs inside to illuminate different sections.  A 5thlight bulb is needed for the ice/water dispenser section.

My Thoughts
I have noticed many things about this refrigerator over the year or so that I have had it.  First of all, the shelves are fine and great but the drawers are a bit of a problem.  The plastic that holds the drawers up, is not well made and breaks easily.  I have had a problem with this to the point where I simply got rid of the top drawer in my refrigerator and made it an extra shelf.  It works much better for me but I am sad to have lost the drawer.  The drawer in the freezer has the same issues though it has not broken.  It does still get stuck quite often because the brackets are flimsy.

The door ice/water dispenser is great!  We love it but the replacement filters for it cost $40 each and have to be replaced twice per year!  That is a lot of money each year for ice and water!  But, it does taste clean and is very clear so we do it.  When the filter is getting old, you know it is time to replace when the flow is pretty slow.  Otherwise, it is recommended every 6 months.

The lock on the ice dispenser is wonderful.  When we first got this refrigerator, my son was 3 and wanted water ALL THE TIME!  We finally figured out how to lock it and he couldn’t’ get water.  (It wouldn’t have been a problem if he actually put the water in a cup and drank it but he would walk past and press the button and there would be water everywhere!).  Now, he is older and it is not such an issue but it is nice to know that if we have small people in the house, we can lock the dispenser.  In addition, it’s nice to be able to choose crushed ice from the dispenser when I want it like that!

The ice bucket inside the freezer takes up a lot of freezer space!  I really don’t use that much ice most of the time.  I could have done well with a half sized ice bucket and an extra half shelf of freezer storage space.  In addition, the ice bucket is very hard to get in and out, similar to the drawer problems above.  Mostly, I just leave the ice bucket alone except for a very occasional cleaning.

Overall, we are happy with this refrigerator.  It is a decent size and fits in the space our kitchen has for a refrigerator. Some of the newer French Door Refrigerators are nice but they are much wider and would not fit in our kitchen without a total kitchen remodeling, which is not happening any time soon (at least until I win the lottery)!  This is a decent refrigerator that could use a few minor changes but is overall good.

We are happy with our Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator (Model ED5KVEXV).  It serves us well and was the right price for us at the time we needed it.  We have been happy with the Whirlpool brand of this and other products we have purchased.

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