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Do You Believe in Magic?

Dec 4, 2011 (Updated Dec 4, 2011)
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Pros:no slivers in my hands
no extra cleansers needed
no abrasives

Cons:disinigrates easily over uneven surfaces
a little hard to find on store shelves

The Bottom Line: I recommend this product to safely clean any non porous surface. I keep Magic Eraser in every room in the house. No aerosol chemicals or harsh abrasives for me.

Tonight I made Holiday centerpieces from freshly cut ponderosa pine. Now having worked with "outdoorsy type" materials for years,I'm very aware of the staying power of pitch. Needless to say, my artistic eagerness overtook common sense...I only wore one glove.Clean-up was going to be a nightmare. Along with the pine boughs, I was using green dyed ornimental grasses and sprays of red "somethings" that had glitter and sequens glued to them. Time was flying by and I still had glass globes and fancy ribbon to attach to the arrangements. This wasn't going to happen until I dealt with the growing layer of sticky pitch on my glove and hand.
 I tried straight Dawn dish liquid...Nothing!
 I grabbed the bottle of olive oil...Nothing!
Luckily, within my drippy reach was a used Magic Eraser.Two swipes back and forth under running warm water and any trace of pitch had disappeared. Nails, cuticles wrinkles
all clean and with no irritation!
 You can bet my friends heard about this!
i'm just so dazzled at how a harmless, odorless, little white square can do it's magic clean thing so many different ways1
  My sister and her husband were having a heck of a time trying to clean the vinyl top of their classic 70's car. Beautiful car, well taken care of, but 40 yrs. is still pretty old for an original white top!. I suggested to her that she try Magic Eraser. She did, and with minimal elbow grease, it looked as close to new as possible. I'm sure that helped them get their top asking price.
 Alot of us "believe in Magic" (Eraser)

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