BOSE IE2 Audio Headphones (Earbuds): Worth the Cost

Dec 4, 2011 (Updated Dec 4, 2011)
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Pros:Fits comfortably, several choices of ear tips for a good fit, Bose sound quality.

Cons:Expensive, but the worth the extra cost.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend the BOSE IE2 Audio Headphone, earbuds to anyone looking for a quality earbud that fits comfortably and provides great sound!

Bose does not cut corners on their products.  In searching for a pair of earbuds that would not hurt my inner ear I went through several renditions of earbuds.  For those of you who do not like the type of earbuds which push deep into your ear canal, you will find that the BOSE IE2’s are a great fit.  They come with several sizes of ear tips to fit onto the end of the bud and rest comfortably inside your ear.  The cable is long enough to allow you to move freely and the buds are comfortable enough to fall asleep listening to music or your favorite audio book without disturbing your family.  In regards to sound quality, the BOSE IE2’s have a fresh, crisp and clear sound that is part of the BOSE signature.  I highly recommend these earbuds.   

When I first purchased my BOSE IE2’s I was skeptical because I have small ears and am easily irritated by anything that goes deep into my ears.  The BOSE IE2’s have a small, medium, and large rubber covering that fits snuggly onto the end of the earbud and fits firmly into the outer auditory canal, as opposed to the earbuds that go deep into the ear canal; thus, allowing for a gentle, comfortable fit into the ear without causing pain or discomfort.  The rubber piece is a unique design that fits to the curvature of the outer auditory canal and snugs into place, allowing you to move about freely without the earbud falling out constantly.  The cord is long enough that you can connect it to your device and set it on a countertop and move about without causing major destruction to your device due to sudden movements.  The sound is amazing, as is for all BOSE products.  I listen to various music and audible books and the sound is comparable to none. 

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