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Dec 10, 2011 (Updated Dec 12, 2011)
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Pros:Easy to use, high quality video, available at a reasonable price.

Cons:Does not hook onto computer easily as advertised.

The Bottom Line: I feel like I'm finally catching up with technology.

Before Baby_chelledun came home early this year, Mr_chelledun and I had little use for webcams, Skype, or Facebook videos.  Now, however, with relatives hours away clamoring to see her latest milestones, we’ve been forced to make a foray into the world of online video communication.  Thus, my recent winning of the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 through Epinions’ Review-It program was very timely and much appreciated. 

The Basics
Advertised as the #1 selling Webcam in the world, the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 is available pretty much one would expect.  It is currently listed on sale for around $55.00 on Amazon, down from $99.99.  This price does appear to be a deal as compared to other computer supply retailers, although few places actually have the webcam priced at $100.  I was also glad to note that it had almost universally positive reviews.

The Logitech 916 is a small, light, foldable webcam.  It can be hooked onto most monitors or folded to rest on an adjacent hard surface.  I don’t find the seal to be particularly good when using the “hooking” setup with my Dell Insporon 1525, meaning a small jostle will knock the camera out of place.  However, I personally tend to pick mine up and move it around like a traditional video camera so I can capture things that are going on around the room (i.e., my baby crawling across the carpet), so this issue isn’t a major one for me.  A five foot cable is included with the camera to allow for fairly substantial flexibility of movement.

My Experience
Installation and set-up is as simple as plugging the device in and doing what it tells you to.  The Logitech C910 comes with a single CD that walks the user through a series of friendly-sounding, easy-to-follow instructions to make sure everything ended up where it needed to be.  The complete process took me about fifteen minutes and I was able to visit other websites during that time.

The Logitech C910 takes full HD 1080p videos in 16:9 in widescreen.  While these numbers don’t mean that much to me, I can tell you that before receiving this camera, I was relying exclusively on my computer’s webcam, but the quality of video and photos I take on the Logitech C910 is much, much, better.  Actually, it makes my old technology seem downright primitive in comparison.  It also compares favorably against Mr_chelledun's old Logitech 310 webcam, particularly in lower light levels.  This is both a positive and a negative – I love having crisp, clear, images of the baby, but this thing is unforgiving on wrinkles and blemishes for grown-ups!  Despite the webcam's dual microphones, I notice a less dramatic difference in terms of sound but I have no complaints on that front either. 

Taking both photo and video clips is extremely simple.  It is easy to toggle back and forth between the two options, and I love the “1, 2, 3” countdown that allows me to get the camera positioned before the recording starts/photo takes.  Once the video or photo is saved, it is as simple as clicking a button to post it to Twitter/Facebook/YouTube, email it, or (in the case of a photo) print it.  Despite offers all of these readily available options, the interface manages to look clean and not at all cluttered.

While the photo and video functions are great, I personally use this webcam mainly for my regular Skyping sessions with family.  It works well for this function although when we tested it out in using two computers in our home we observed that the video doesn’t appear quite as crisp on the receiving end as it does on the sending end.  Fortunately, unlike an older webcam I tried to use previously, this model does not seem to slow down the connection at least domestically.  We’ll have the opportunity to test it out internationally in a month or so and I’ll update the review if there are any issues.

Overall . . .
The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 provides everything one could reasonably expect for the price.  It really does provide “camcorder-quality videos” with minimal effort, and works just fine for Skype purposes.  While I'll probably stick with my digital camera for photos, it definitely does a decent job on snapshots as well.  I’m very glad to have this camera and look forward to taking and sharing many high quality videos with my friends and family. 

*As noted above, Epinions.com has provided me with this product as part of its ongoing Review-It Program in exchange for my unbiased opinion. 

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