Bright Magic Gallon Dog Whitening Dog Shampoo…. A Magical Solution!

Dec 30, 2011
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Bright Magic Dog Whitening Shampoo is an effective solution to saliva discoloration around a dog’s mouth and beard.

Over the holidays I was driving down the New Jersey Turnpike with the family after visiting friends and I had a moment where I looked out the rear view mirror and caught a glance at my dogs who both seemed to be looking at me back through the rear view, and it made me smile. Just then it occurred to me; I really cannot remember a time that we never had a dog around the house. My parents were staunch dog people though they came to enjoy a cat every now and again, but for the most part…dog people; to this day my Mom treasures her time with her West Highland White Terrier, her second. Our phone conversations always involve getting the latest on her dog who absolutely enjoys watching television and can be a little con artist!

West Highland White Terriers are great family pets, though, if not reigned in early can become little terrorists. Once you establish alpha status, you have found a friend for life. They are ambitious little guys and are fearless, often threatening to go into full jihad with dogs four times their size.  They need regular grooming as their wiry fur can quickly get out of hand. Keeping them white is a matter of bathing when necessary.  I remember the nagging issue at my Moms was keeping her dog’s fur white around its mouth and beard as the saliva, along with hard water can cause a distracting  reddish brown stain to occur.

She has tried a number solutions including switching to bottled water and a number of whitening shampoos, including Bright Magic Dog Whitening Shampoo.

There are a number of opinions on how often to bathe a Westie touting the breakdown of natural oils that prevent skin issues i.e. hot spots and itching but utilizing the right shampoos and dilutions you can be assured bathing, when needed, won’t be a problem.

Bright Magic Dog Whitening Shampoo has been a good choice. Continued use has help prevent the hard discoloration I mentioned to the point where his mouth and beard are pearly colored. Bright Magic Dog Whitening Shampoo incorporates not bleach or harsh chemicals instead utilizing a tearless biodegradable formula that is PH balanced and tearless, a potentially huge issue if your dog is a feisty bather. It doesn’t hurt that you dog ends up with this fresh, cherry smell that lasts a couple of days. A gallon container can cost as much as $17.00 but dilutes 7:1 (water/shampoo).  A conditioner is employed to help manage tangles while nourishing the coat, eliminating the need for an additional step and expense of a conditioner. A gallon typically lasts the better part of a year but that could vary depending on just how active your dog is outdoors. Her Westie frequently goes out into the woods with my Goldens often leading the pack into trouble chasing rabbits and the like, so frequent bathing does indeed become an issue.

Other factors to consider are the type of food you are incorporating, whether you allow your dog’s beard stay wet after drinking as well as the hardness of the water your Westie drinks. It’s a matter of some experimentation but easily tackled if gone about methodically.

 I have to say, that Bright Magic Dog Whitening Shampoo is as good as some of the show groomer’s solutions to whitening shampoos and chalks.  At the end of the day, it really comes down to companionship; I mean with all the joy a dog brings you, why wouldn’t you make a real effort to assure they feel and look the best they can?

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