Bose IE2 Heaphones: Awesome!

Jan 4, 2012 (Updated Jan 4, 2012)
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Pros:you get what you pay for; (great sound quality) fit earbuds, cool lookin' design

Cons:earbuds irritate my ears after prolonged use, costly

The Bottom Line: BOMB HEADPHONES- I highly recommend if you're the type for great music. listen to it in style and with quality deliverance with these Bose IE2 Headphones.

These Bose IE2 Headphones have quality sound and crisp tonality- making any music out of these convenient ear buds sound amazing. Bose claims a "TriPort® acoustic headphone structure", which is basically enhanced bass tones for a balanced audio experience. This is actually no joke, because I have definitely heard the difference in my music compared to any other in ear headphones. Another perk I've noticed to be very helpful is the unique, elongated design of the jack; I hanv't found one music source that I couldn't connect my Bose IE2 headphones into. Although, One of the only immediate drawbacks I'm sure we all noticed when checking out this product is the price; it could be a few bucks cheaper, but I'm here to tell you it is still well worth the buy! 
At first inspection after opening the package, I found the headphones, a carrying case, and exchangeable ear tips for smaller or larger sized ears, which later down the line provided me with a solution to the problem of sore ears after using these headphones for too long. 
Personally, (and for what its worth) as a musician and music junkie I love these headphones and use them everyday, they make every bus ride or workout session come alive with clear and personal audio. I was especially surprised to find their noise cancelling capabilities pretty reasonable. To anyone that says these headphones don't deliver equalized sound and higher quality audio, they need to tweak their iPods or visit a doctor! I own the hyped up "Beats" Headphones by Dre, and I can honestly say i use my Bose IE2 Headphones more often due to their convenient in-ear design and secured ear buds; as they deliver equally outstanding audio and don't look so ridiculous when i wear them. If you find other headphones with better sound quality, they will cost even more or be cumbersome.
My only other complaints would be the specific shape of the ear pieces; they bug me after a few hours of wearing them- and the usual, unavoidable drawbacks of headphones: crazy tangles, losing them all the time, getting them stolen, cat/dog wreck them, etc. 
In conclusion, I highly suggest these headphones to those who appreciate high quality audio, although still need to accommodate an active lifestyle. After all, it IS Bose, & they seriously deliver.

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