Well, it's a Dryer. And it - dries very well.

Jan 7, 2012 (Updated Jan 7, 2012)
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Ugly tinted plastic bubble window is removeable 
Gets extremely hot

Cons:Ugly, cheap, tinted plastic outer window covering
Need to adjust settings before EVERY cycle

The Bottom Line: Great for entry level into the front loader's club.

I bought this dryer as part of a laundry team.

This dryer came with the LG laundry pair deal I found at Dufresne.  I bought it to replace my broken old Kenmore.  The old dryer was fine but it sold online easily.


The dryer came shipped in a solidly packed crate/box encased in molded polystyrene.     It was placed atop the washer.  It was easy for 2 men to lift into place.   Then we plugged it in and reattached the dryer vent.  


Looks-wise, it dons the common monotonous white plastic control panel with white buttons and smooth turning selector knob.  An LCD displays the time left in the cycle and a check filter reminder.  The front top and sides are made of metal. The door has a white plastic frame and a tinted plastic outer window, which I removed by unscrewing all the door screws and popping it out of the frame.  No gap was left and the frame now snaps up to the glass inner window.  This look matches the washer door and enables better viewing of the interior, in my opinion.  This machine has an incandescent lit, 7.1 cubic foot interior.


Initially, I found that just pressing play activates the sensor dry on medium heat.  The machine ran for about 30 minutes, and I found the clothes still very damp at this setting.  Sensor dry has to be manually set to 'Very Dry" before starting each cycle in order to get your clothes truly dry.   This is a minor inconvenience but I think it is to get everyone saving energy.  On 'very dry, sensor' the display will read 50 minutes, but it may take less time.   You can freshen up clothes with the freshen-up cycle, or sanitize fabrics with the extremely hot High heat setting.   There are also cycles for Towels, Delicates, Air Dry and Speed Dry.  Speed dry gets it the hottest as it allows you to set the temperature and time manually.  The dryer runs fairly loud and even when running empty it makes a loud, steady drumming/thumping sound.  It sounds like my old dryer, without the squeaking.   The lint filter is easy to clean and slides precisely into a channel on the front of the drum.  The happy little tune it plays to let you know it's done, is uplifting.

Energy consumption:  

This dryer will consume approximately 959kWh per year, which amounts to roughly $102 per year with regular use.  and at least $1800 worth of electricity over its 18 year life expectancy.

Bottom Line: 

This is just your regular old humdrum clothes dryer - with a round door and window.  It's loud, but it gets your clothes very dry and it gets as hot as you as you want.   It matches the WM2140cw washer from LG.

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