Bass, yes. Durable, not so much

Jan 16, 2012
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Pros:Great bass, noise reduction, fairly cheap

Cons:breaks quickly

The Bottom Line: My recommendation is that for the price, you get the sound.

The Bass response in the Skull Candy Smokin Buds is phenomenal. Dub-steppers like me would be overjoyed. Just do not get too used to them because nothing good ever lasts forever, or in this case, three weeks of pocket travel. The less expensive you can find these, the better because none of them are built to last. However, if you are looking for ear buds that cancel noise, don't cost as much as Bose, and can still drop the bass, then you might try just simply being more careful with these. As previously noted, they last for three weeks of POCKET TRAVEL which can bend the audio jack and thus render them quite useless, however, if you wrap them and put them in something like an eyeglass case or a modified contact lens case, you may find many more days of happy music playing for you. But buyer beware, high decibels can, and possibly will blow out the speaker on it after prolonged use. This, of course, is with any earphones you buy, but these are a little more temperamental. For those needing some nice bass, go for it. For those needing something for their daily routine, i would recommend something more durable.

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