Logitech G400 Mouse

Jan 22, 2012
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Pros:- This is very comfortable
- Very reliable, mine has never broken
- Affordable

Cons:- Tends to get a bit dirty

The Bottom Line: This is a great mouse for anyone with a limited budget but it still performs very well.

This mouse is very comfortable, has never broken or not responded and is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a large budget. I bought it because my wireless mouse broke and I needed a replacement, but I was annoyed with having to charge my wireless mouse. This mouse is excellent for anyone who doesn't play video games to a large extent (I often play games like World of Warcraft and Runescape with this mouse and it is fine). I don't use a mousepad and it never fails to do its job.

The only flaw with this mouse I can really see is that when I play video games for maybe 2 hours the underside gets a bit of dirt building up on it near the sensor but it has not affected the mouse's performance in any way. It easily plugs into a USB port which is perfect because my computer is quite far away from my monitor so I use a USB hub which I plug this mouse into along with other things.

Also this mouse is quite lightweight, and although I know this isn't a major factor I previously had a mouse which was very heavy and so it was difficult to move quickly which is very important when playing first person shooters on the PC.

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