Quiet but disappointing

Jan 24, 2012
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Pretty lights
Built-in food grinder/disposal

Poor cleaning
Terrible button design
Design puts dishes on the floor
No rinse

The Bottom Line: Bottom line is I don't recommend it but most/all new energy saving models have the same sort of cleaning and slow problems.

This unit is very quiet and is attractive, but that's about all I can say for it. The buttons along the top edge are impossible to read unless you get down low and have excellent light on them. The buttons are very easy to hit by mistake and some genius put the start/resume button right next to the cancel/drain button.

Our old Sears dishwasher did a much better job of washing dishes in a fraction of the time and didn't need any special rinse agents or other additives. This dishwasher needs the rinse agent to get things remotely dry, takes three times as long and still doesn't get dishes very clean. I find myself pre-rinsing plates and bowls and only filling the washer about 2/3 full in order to make sure there is plenty of space between dishes. Even with the heavy duty wash, heated drying, sani-rinse, etc. this dishwasher can't match the old-school dishwashers. There is no rinse cycle if you need to do a quick rinse and hold.

The stainless interior and dark rcks are attractive, but very dark. This makes it difficult to see which silverware holders are full and what is in them - something I never thought about or considered. Also these new "deep tub" designs do add some height, but the majority of the larger, heavier items end up being very low - nearly down by the floor. Lots more bending way dow to load and unload.

I'm all for energy and water conservation, but not at the expense of complete functionality (not to mention the need for additives which adds to the expense and overall energy consumption).

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