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Jan 24, 2012
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Illuminated control panel.
Stylish design. 
Stainless steel tub. 
Solid, well-built.
Adjustable signal volume.
Optional Pedestal


The Bottom Line: I only write reviews if a product really impresses me.  The LG WM2240CW Front-Loading Washer did that and more.  I give it two thumbs up!

This is an outstanding washing machine.  Up until now, we've always purchased Whirlpool Top Load machines, and we fully intended on purchasing another Whirlpool this time around.  However, when we went into R.C. Willey, we were introduced to the LG WM2240CW.  It had just as many features as the more expensive models, and appeared to be very well constructed.  

Initially I was a little skeptical about whether or not it would actually get our clothes clean while using less water, but I must admit we have been more than satisfied with the LG's performance.  We have a large family with four kids and we do an endless amount of laundry.  This machine can easily keep up with all the towels, jeans and jackets, and even does a great job on sleeping bags and quilts.  

It's loaded with features that are easy to use and almost intuitive.  Even our youngest kids can use it without any trouble at all. This LG is whisper quiet and even has a plays a pleasing melody when the cycle is completed, rather than the harsh buzz we were accustomed to with our old washer.  

We purchased the optional pedestal and I highly recommend it.  It's sturdy and well-made, with a huge storage compartment for soap jugs, dryer sheets and other laundry products. The liquid dispenser is totally idiot proof.  The LG requires Type-HE, "High Efficiency" detergent, which is a little more expensive than regular detergent, but you use a lot less. You actually end up spending less per load for detergent than you would otherwise.  

I'm a very picky shopper and I thoroughly analyze every little detail before making a purchase.  Nothing I discoverd gave me any reason at al to doubt this machine's ability to perform.  I'm the kind of guy who can't tolerate odd noises adn quirky little problems.  Fortunately this LG is literaly error free.  I can't wait for my dryer to break down so I'll have an excuse to go back and purchase the matching LG dryer! 

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