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Professional Cookware by The Pampered Chef

Mar 2, 2002
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Pros:The last cookware I will ever buy.

Cons:Haven't found one yet.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend The Professional Cookware set made by The Pampered Chef. What could be better than a lifetime guarantee?

The Pampered Chef has out done themselves. This cookware has a lifetime guarantee, so I am not kidding that I will never have to buy another set again. I have had the 4-piece and 6-piece set for awhile, long before I started selling The Pampered Chef.

The professional series is for the home cooks. Great cookware, bakingware, and tools are essential for any kitchen. It is cost effective in the long run as well, since you won't be tossing out burnt food. The Professional series comes in a 4-piece set with a nylon spoon and nylon turner, a 6-piece set, a small saute' pan, casserole w/lid, a grill pan, a stir-fry skillet, and a large family skillet.

The 6-Piece Set:

The 6-piece set has a large saute' pan (10"), a medium covered saucepan (3-qt), a covered stockpot (8-qt) with a stainless steel (2-qt) steamer insert.

The 4-piece set:

The 4-piece set has a covered skillet (10") and a small covered saucepan (2-qt.). The nylon tool set comes with the
The nylon tool set comes with the turner and spoon.

The whole Professional line has hard-anodized aluminum exterior. Hard-anodization is an electo-chemical process that toughens the surface of the aluminum and makes it harder. In fact, hard-anodized pans are twice as hard as stainless steel pans. The grey colored exterior is durable and can be scrubbed with a nylon pad and cleanser to remove tough, burnt-on stains.

The interior is the top of the line non-stick surface that is easy-to-clean since foods don't stick. Foods can be cooked in less liquid to promote the retention of vitamins and minerals. No seasoning is needed.

The tempered glass lids with stainless steel sealing rims allow you to see your food cooking, and the stainless steel rims help lock in flavors and nutrients while you are cooking.

Both the pans and lids are OvenSafe to 350*F. You can begin cooking on the stovetop and move to the oven to complete cooking, if desired. Rivets keep handles intact. Phenolic is heat-resistant and stays cool to the touch when used during most range top cooking. Use of oven mitts are needed when removing from the oven.

Life-time Guarantee:

Pans and lids will be replaced if damaged during normal use. Manufacturer's guarantee covers product placement only. This excludes damage caused by mis-use or abuse such as improper cleaning, overheating, dishwasher cleaning, use of caustic or other unapproved cleaners, neglect, accident, alteration, fire, theft, or use in commercial establishments. Make sure to keep your receipt for proof of purchase either by full price or 1/2 price.

General Cleaning:

Always allow cookware and lids to cool before rinsing or cleaning. Washing by hand is preferred. Cleaning by way of the dishwasher may result in an accumulation of harsh detergents dulling the surface, and it is not recommended. To clean superficial marks from exterior surface, wipe with a damp cloth. For deep cleaning soak in hot, soapy water. A nonabrasive sponge or cloth can be used to rub exterior and interior.

For tougher food build-up, prepare a baking soda paste by mixing 1/2 cup baking soda with 3 tablespoons water. Apply paste to desired areas and let stand 15-20 minutes. Wipe off excess paste; rinse thoroughly and dry. To maintain clean and shiny lids, clean with a cloth dampened with vinegar or lemon juice periodically.

My Final Two-Cent Thoughts:

I love my cookware. Like most newly married or just moved out folks, you go and get a cheapy set or your family hands you their old set while they go and get a new one. For me I had the later. Eight years later (2 years ago) I had a Pampered Chef show. I fell in love with the cookware. The consultant actually hung out for dinner so I could user her pieces to see if I really liked them and I did. So now knowing I wanted the 4 and 6-piece sets I had to really get the orders so I could earn the two sets together with just one half-price item. And ever since I have been loving cooking. I use the stockpot to make rice krispy treats and to make bread dough. Totally non-stick. Just wash and rince. No scrubbing what-so-ever.

I highly advise everyone to, once and for all, go and buy yourself a lifetime cookware set. I know that I will never have to buy another cookware ever. And when my three kids move out I will help them get started on the right foot in the kitchen.

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