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Jan 25, 2012
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Pros:Memory card slot, colors brilliant when new, good photo quality.

Cons:Short life span, ink is expensive/ used quickly, quit using color ink.

The Bottom Line: Don't buy this. It's a waste of money and it's a terrible printer.

In the summer of 2011, I bought this Lexmark Interpret S405 Printer, because it was in my price range, and it looked promising. I needed a printer that could handle the printing processes of a college student (and that's a lot of printing), and the salesman told me it was brand new on the market and he'd had no problems with this "Marvelous" printer. Let me tell you just how "marvelous" this printer really is.
Keep in mind I never used the Faxing feature, because I never need to fax, so that is not covered.

Ink Usage

This thing drains your wallet like there's no tomorrow. You have to buy 4 different ink cartriges, and they are REALLY tiny! For how much ink this printer uses, you have to buy ink at least once a month. Not only that, but the ink itself is very expensive. I once spent about $100 for the small version of the cartriges (vs. the XL versions, which is even more).
On a happier note, the picture turns out pretty good looking when printed.

Jams like a peanut butter sandwich

I've never had a printer that jammed as much as this one does! Its like it gets confused on how many pieces of paper to print at once, so it takes like 3 or 4 at a time, and then complains that it's all jammed up. Talk about a waste of time. I have better things to do than un-jam my printer.

The scanner is really picky

It doesn't pick up light lines. For example: I draw for fun sometimes, then I like to scan them to my computer and post them on the internet to show my friends. The scanner won't pick up any light lines at all. It will if I drew it in pen, but pencil is its worst enemy. It also screws up colors, and scans it way lighter than what the original color of the picture/paper was.

Wireless printing is picky and complicated

When I started out printing, the wireless connection with the printer worked as it should. About 3 months passed, and it started getting complicated. There was a message popping up saying either "No Printer Found" or "There was a problem". And no matter how many times you re-install the printer, it still has the same problem.

USB printing works as it should, but I have a laptop, and wires connected to it across my desk is not something i want.

Short life span!

Like I said, I bought this in the summer of 2011, and now it's mid-January. I just threw this printer away because there was multiple problems with it. It just doesn't work anymore. Listed below are the problems with this stupid printer that made me buy a new one.

It cuts out information

When printing things from the internet, it cuts about half of your information out. It also won't print links, or anything color.
It also makes everything really tiny when printing off the internet.

Color ink quit printing

After about 3 or 4 months, it completely stopped printing anything in color. Nothing at all. Yes, I checked to make sure the "Print in Color" button was pushed, and it thinks it's printing things in color...but it's not. When I push "Print in Black", it just automatically goes back to making the "Print in Color" button glow. I even tried buying brand new color ink, and it STILL wouldn't work. This really makes it hard for me to print anything.
I looked into replacing the printhead for this thing, and it's just as expensive as buying a brand new printer would be. So I put up with this and printed on other people's computers when I needed color for 3 months. How pathetic.


When I first got this printer, it did print beautifully. It connnected with my camera's memory card and printed what I wanted, in a fair amount of time...Altough it drained my ink really fast. The colors were really brilliant and I was not upset with the photo quality. The memory card slot still works like it should, even though everything else went horribly.
But what good is the memory card slot when your color ink won't work?

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