Cheap, Great Quality, In-ear, Sound Cancelling Headphones -- Durability is Questionable

Jan 27, 2012
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Pros:Great Sound Output Wide Variety of Colors Sound Cancelling Great Bass Sounds Low Cost

Cons:Higher Tendency to Break Should be Cleaned Uncomfortable for Some People

The Bottom Line: Its quality is definitely worth your 10 dollars. Its craftsmanship causes issues if treated poorly. These earbuds surpass the quality of any other $10-$20 dollar headphones out there.

In a wide variety of colors, SkullCandy Ink'd ear buds has exceptional quality, especially when you compare it to its price. At most stores you can find them for about $10-$20, and a little less online (excluding shipping). Over the past 2 years of owning these kinds, there are some things you should know about before purchasing.

Over a span of two years, I have purchased 5 separate sets of these earbuds, and it has always been due to the same issue. It's a lack of electrical contact between the 1/8" plug and its wires, only allowing one speaker to emit sound. It's a fairly common problem with them, and the life of them really depends on how careful you are with them. I always keep them wrapped around my ipod, and I've had a life range of 2 months to almost a year.

It's an extremely hard fix, even if you know what you're doing, since the contacts are surrounded by thicker rubber.

Another problem I have witnessed is that the plastic casing will split down the middle. Its a minor problem and is easily fixed by popping it back in place.

Ease of Use
These are in-ear headphones, and depending on whether or not you are comfortable with having them deep inside your ear, you will either get great quality out of them, or they'll fall out before you can hear anything.

A concern about them as opposed to other ear buds is that they sit in your ear canal and sometimes collect ear wax and become shiny, which makes sharing them a bit disgusting. The rubber parts of the headphone come off easily and should be washed using a soap or disinfectant.

When listening to pretty much and music at any volume with these headphones in, it will be difficult to impossible to hear anything outside of your musical world. This, in turn, can cause hearing damage if used at a high volume, since its closer to your ear drum. My suggestion would be don't use these in an environment where people need your attention, unless you are fine with using one earbud.

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