Greatest TV Ever!

Jan 30, 2012
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Pros:Wi-Fi connectivity
Clear picture
Excellent, IMAX quality sound 

Cons:Occasional disconnection of Wi-Fi. 

The Bottom Line: If you want high quality picture and theatre quality sound, this is the TV for you.  Great for sports, the Television watching experience gets no better than this!

Imagine sitting in your living room, and watching Lord of the Rings. Only, the hobbits, orcs, and elves are more vivid than you could imagine.  This isn't Blu-Ray technology. This is the Sharp LC-60LE632U with Aquos technology.  The number one TV in it's class. 

Setting the TV up took 3 people due to it's heavy nature. However, hooking things up didn't take very long. The TV was a present for my Dad for Christmas, since our previous TV had died. 


This TV is not your average TV. It is in a class known as smart TV. This means there is wi-fi built in. Consumers can take advantage of several Apps  because of that. 

Netflix TV streaming is available from this TV. No more having to hook up the Nintendo Wii just to watch Netflix. With a push of a button,  we are connected to thousands upon thousands of movies. All available if you are a Netflix subscriber.

Crystal clear, realistic Television. On first experience, you might think you're right where the action is. This is particular good when you're watching Football and other sports. There is nothing like feeling you're right there at your favorite team's home stadium, cheering them on! 

The audio is really great on this TV too. There is no need to hook up extra speakers. It's like being in an IMAX theatre without even leaving the living room. 

The only downside to this product is having to sometimes reset your Internet connection on the TV itself.  For people like me, this is only a slight irritation. Others who are not as tech savvy may get frustrated. But  trust me when I tell you that having that Wi-Fi comes in real handy. 

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