iPod touch: Yes or No??

Feb 2, 2012
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Pros:Light, easy to use, multitasking, high resolution, fast processor, and great sound quality.

Cons:Besides the camera not having a flash, I have nothing else to say.

The Bottom Line:

It’s a great electronic device for music, computer, and camera lovers or anyone who needs to kill time while also having fun.

                I love my iPod touch because personally, I like to listen to music, play games, go online (especially Facebook), and take pictures. I had the choice between a laptop or an iPod touch over the summer. You probably already know what I chose! Basically, because the iPod touch is a MP3 player, computer, and camera all in one, plus it’s portable! It has been the best electronic device I have ever received.
                I think the most common question would be: does it work well? For me, I think it works great! The touch screen performance works really well, due to its fast processing speed. It makes it easy to type, play games, and multitask. It also has a great sound quality which makes it even better. Yeah, it makes my phone look like it’s from the Stone Age!  Also, did I mention high resolution? Two thumbs up for that!
                One negative factor may be the durability. Many of my friends have an iPod touch of their own and they often drop theirs. This causes the screen to crack because it is so fragile. Durability rating…3!! So here is a tip: Don’t drop it!! Depends on how and where you drop it, you may be lucky and nothing will happen or it will end up being cracked, but thankfully, there are some shops that will replace the screen for you so don’t give your hopes up!
                Would I buy another one, or recommend this to a friend? Why not? Well, since it’s a long lasting product, I probably wouldn’t BUY ANOTHER ONE unless it broke down or broke completely which I highly doubt. The iPod touch may be expensive, but it’s worth the money! Overall, I would highly recommend this for everyone.

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