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Feb 3, 2012
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Pros:Pros: Cool design, great sound.

Cons:Cons: Irritates ears after a while of use.

The Bottom Line: These are really great headphones have a great sound quality and you get what you pay for.

I did not purchase these headphones myself I received these headphones as gift. I have come to realize that the Bose Ie2 headphones can be pricey, but my opinion you get what you pay for. These headphones have a great bass and its great on high tones; you can clearly hear every word in the song (even in that ridicules rock screamo that the kids listen to these days). These headphones are great for working out and just laying around the house but the ear buds do irritate your ears after a while.
         Design: The design of these headphones is great the first thing you notice is the cord the cord is like an illusion with the twirl of the white and black. The ear buds also have a nice design with the loop that hooks into your ear for a firm and secure fit. This is great for someone that likes to run and they are tired of stopping having to put their ear buds back in only for it to fall out again in five minutes. The jack for these headphones is great the jack will fit into almost any type of device you are using it is never a loose fit it is in there firmly.

          Durability: The durability is great for the Bose Ie2 headphones for example when someone you just don’t like or find annoying is always trying to talk your ear off you could just turn the music up full blast and headphones will not blow. These headphones I guarantee will last a while.

          Accessories: These headphones come with three different types of ear buds the come with the normal ear buds that you would usually get also they come with two different sizes for the "workout headphones" for people with larger ears. It also comes with a carry case but the carry case is somewhat large it is a little big for your pocket.

          The bottom line is that these are great headphones; you really get what you pay for. They do irritate your ears but not after a long time of use. They have great sound quality so I recommend if you are big music lover get these headphones.

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