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Feb 10, 2012
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Pros:Qwerty keyboard , Touchpad , Wireless ..and did I mention It's TINY

Cons:the only disadvantage I can see would be if you had really fat fingers .

The Bottom Line: A fantastic tool which because it it wireless means you can sit some distance from your pc .

My Hubby was having problems with his back , sitting in a chair leaning backwards and forwards whilst using his laptop .We decided he needed a wireless keyboard and duly searched the net for the perfect one.
There was a multitude of keyboards to choose from , but I believe I have found the BEST .You know what men are like , Masters of the Remote control .The Keyboard I found was perfect .the size of a remote control , but with all the functions bells and whistles included ..( Well not literally ) .
As anyone who reads my reviews will be aware I am NOT technically minded , it took me three years to work out how to get music into my MP3 player ! But here goes with my review for this keyboard , please excuse the lack of Tech Talk .
I purchased the 2.4G 2.4GHz Wireless Rii Mini PC Keyboard Touchpad V2 Black from Amazon for a reasonable £34.05 ( free delivery too what a bargain ).
I was given the delivery date and waited , Unusually the item arrived three days before expected . I eagerly ripped the cardboard packaging ( well done amazon for providing recyclable cardboard ) to look at the contents .
SHOCKED ...That was my first reaction .this keyboard is the size of a remote control , as illustrated in the picture of hubby holding it .
Inside the box was the keyboard and a usb charging cable . That was it !
How easy it is to set up ...It's so easy even a 2 year old could do it .After first using the usb adapter to fully charge the unit .There is a Bluetooth adapter in the top of the keypad that slides out and you just plug into a port on your laptop or Pc and away you go .Navigating using the touchpad is simple and the qwerty keyboard UK layout means you know where all the buttons are . There are indicator lights on the keypad which tell you when it needs charging and the battery strength and a communication indicator that shows it is receiving the signal.
The Unit
The actual unit weighs just 100grams , it has a fully functioning qwerty keyboard , complete with multi media and PC control keys , and here come the bells and whistles ....It has a Laser pointer and a Touchpad which can be used vertically and horizontally ( not that I expect my husband to be making any presentations with it , unless its to point out what gadget he wants next ) and here's the icing on the cake... this keyboard can be used in the dark , the keys Lightup ! No more having to have a light on at night in order to see the keyboard .
Within a minute of plugging the unit in my hubby was happily surfing the net sitting comfortably in his recliner .
If you are used to using a Blackberry or the like then this would be ideal .
For those that want the Technical details I have copied them ...I may one day learn what they mean ...but I'm not holding out much hope .

Measurements ( L X W X H ): 151.1mm x 59 mm x 13.8 mm
WEIGHT ( grams): 100g/ 0.22 lbs
OUTPUT POWER (db) : +4db Max

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