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Feb 14, 2012
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Pros:The operating system is great, no random defrosting problems.

Cons:Cosmetics of the refrigerator are bad, shelving,leaks, lighting.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this product Frigidaire to someone not into cosmetics, but looking for a refrigerator that works good. It's for someone who does not buy a lot of grocery.

I ordered the Frigidaire from Sears, and I had it delivered. It look pretty good cosmetically for a few months. All of sudden, there was a drainage problem from the water dispenser and ice maker internally. Water was filled up with bubbles inside of the paint.  It was horrible.Then I noticed it started building up with rusty brown fluids which were leaking down the front portion of the refrigerator on the freezer side. I know that all the drainage was due to the water system because on the left side of the fridge, there is no leaking whatsoever. The ice maker works pretty well, and the water system. The system of operation for the refrigerator flows freely. Cosmetically this is the worst fridge. The shelving are made of very thin plastic, most of the side shelving are gone because there could not hold minimum weights of like 2 -three cartons of eggs on the side. The regular shelving holds about 5 pounds at most. That is just really bad because when I shop for groceries, I don't look at the pounds of the food  because of my refrigerator cannot hold a certain amount of weight. It is just not realistic. The light bulb component did not work on the refrigerator, after the original light bulb was blown.

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