Not worth it!

Feb 15, 2012
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Pros:Quick set up

Cons:Poor craftmanship
Paper jams
Poor wi-fi connectivity
Poor printhead quality
Horrible tech support

The Bottom Line: Worst money I ever spent on a printer.  Avoid this model like the plague!

Let me get the good qualities out of the way first.  It was very easy to setup.  It does a good job of copying, as long as thr printhead works.
That's it for the good stuff.
The first issue I had was the fact that the introductory cartridge is not a full cartridge.  Fortunately, the salesman warned me about this so I bought replacements with the unit.  Kodak advertises that their cost of ink use is the lowest on the market.  If so, it's only by a very little bit.  You get nowhere near the number of pages they advertise.  
I've had a high number of paper jams with the unit.  The wifi connectivity set up well the first time.  The unit got to the point that I was losing connectivity so often that I ended going to the USB cable connection route. This with the printer only 3 feet from my router.  
The printer has several buttons that control the option screens that you use.  The up button quit at just about the one year mark, so I had to make do without it.   At 14 months, so it's now out of warranty, the 2nd color cartridge supposedly ran out.  I bought a replacement.  I put it in, cleaned the heads, and printed a test page.  It only printed black, even though is showed a full color cartridge.  Did this several times, then replaced the drivers on the off chance something there got screwed up.  Finally gave up, figuring the printhead had gone bad, and called Kodak.  Their tech support is a joke, but they finally confirmed that the printhead was bad.  Because it was out of their hard and fast 1 year warranty, I'm out of luck.  I can either buy a new printhead or a new printer.  Guess which way I'll go?      

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