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Feb 16, 2012
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The vacuum works well.  I only have some minor complaints:

The brush and crevice tools are suppsed to be stored in a slot under the vacuum bar handle, but they can pop out if you bump up against them when laying down the bar. 

The bagless canister is a nice feature.  You empty it by pushing a button on the canister lid and the lid can be opened.  Unfortunately the lid's hinge assembly is made of cheap plastic, and the assembly broke after being opened maybe 3 times.  The lid can still be closed, but it takes a little extra effort to hold the hinge side down while you press and lock the lid back into place.

Lastly, the vacuum has a bright blue (maybe L.E.D. type) light power indicator.  Perhaps a bit too bright.  If you happen to look directly into the light you'll see spots for a while.  Why the light needs to be so bright is beyond me.  I'll try to put some clear tape over the light and see if it diffuses the "laser" somewhat.

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