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Feb 17, 2012
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Pros:Quality sound and picture

Cons:We had two to simplygive out within months of purchase.

The Bottom Line: Tow of the same brand of this television breaking while old TV's stillwork. Hmmm.

Christmas before last my husband and I purchased 2 Samsung LN46D630 HDTV's for our two  sons.  These Tv's had just come into the store a few days before Christmas.   The televisions worked pretty good and had excellent sound and wonderful HD.  By March however our oldest son's television went out. He tried to turn it on one day and it would not come on,  When we took it back to the store they tried to blame us and said it must have been dropped or cracked but they did replace the television for us, Later in the summer our youngest son's TV made a sizzling and popping sound.  The lights in the house blinked and his television went out as well. We returned this one but did not get a replacement.  Perhaps there was a defect in the models shipped to that particular store.  I do not know. The replacement we got for our oldest son seemed to work without a hitch but when  my husband's work hours were cut we took it back to save money.   We simply did not want to waste precious funds on that televcision and take a risk that it would malfunction like the   other two.  Right now we have 3 televisions that are the old tube typeand my oldest son pruchased a used flat screen from a Cash Converters store  and they all have been working. So I definately believe something is wrong with the Samsung LN46D630 HDTV. We did get our youngest son a different  brand of  flat screen this past Christmas and it has exhibited no problems. 

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