Outstanding sound at a reasonable price!

Feb 29, 2012
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Pros:bass response and sound accuracy, price

Cons:uncomfortable over time, cord too long for extreme portability, cord not removable

The Bottom Line: Great headphones with extreme quality at a price that cannot be beat.

The Audio Technica M50s are a great addition to a music lover's life. I purchased these headphones as a college student needing a quality pair of headphones that would provide great audio and an acceptable amount of isolation. These headphones fit the bill perfectly. After hours and hours of research, I found that these cans have tremendous bass response and are very accurate amongst the entire music spectrum. The coiled cable is especially useful for wearing them in public, while the corded cable would probably benefit users wanting them strictly at home. The flexibility of the headphones make them perfect for storage and portability although the long cord doesn't make them very suitable for extreme portability. The spring that connected to the end of my cord ended up coming loose, and I ended up clipping the spring off because I couldn't get it back in. The jack was also too big to fit into my iPhone case (it wasn't made for portability), but a cheap adapter fixed the problem easily. Great for bus rides or when you want better-than-earbuds sound but still need a little isolation. Without these I would still be stuck with earbuds that have terrible bass and usually muddy quality. You can often find them on sale for $125 or so if you look in the right places!

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